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Favreau Talks More Iron Man

Published May 24, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Iron Man Iron Man
Though we still have tons of time before Iron Man is expected to enter production, director Jon Favreau is already answering questions and listening to input.

Jon Favreau Talks Iron Man

MTV recently caught up with Favreau and got him to discuss any further details he might have on Iron Man. It turns out that the swinger turned director is going to take the smart approach by starting the story of Iron Man at the beginning.

"The questions are coming on the Internet," a grinning Favreau reported this weekend. "I've got a MySpace group set up just to discuss the movie, so I welcome the input."

"It's the first movie Marvel is self-financing," he said of a new deal that frees the makers of the "Spider-Man" and "X-Men" movies from studio control. "We're set to come out in the summer of '08, and we'll start shooting in January."

"It was later when [Marvel Studios CEO] Avi [Arad] approached me to work on this and we discussed [the history of the character]," he continued. "And then I did a lot more research, and really learned everything that has happened in the last 40 years."

"We're gonna have it take place in the present day, but there will be an origin story that has the old, gray Iron Man suit; eventually it will progress into more of the modern look," Favreau said. "That's the fun of doing the first one."

"The alcoholism doesn't come into play until later on in the story of Iron Man," he said. "[The comic] started off in the '60s, where it was about him as a successful manufacturer who developed this suit. Then, later, it spins off into that story about him fighting against himself. I think we're going to lay the groundwork for it, but the first one's going to explore him taking on this alter ego of Iron Man, and developing the suit, and what happens politically within the Stark Corporation."

Everything Favreau reports sounds good so far. Considering that Iron Man could turn into a huge franchise, it is always wise to start at the beginning. Besides, audiences love a good introduction to a new character. Marvel must also be pretty hopeful with the decision to finance the film themselves. No chance this can become another Daredevil?

For all the latest information from Favreau on Iron Man, head on over to MTV.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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