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The Aviator Soars

Published January 11, 2005 in MOVIE REVIEW
By Bubba Craner | Image property of Miramax
Leonardo DiCaprio in The Aviator
Here is the latest movie review of The Aviator, a film by Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Aviator Movie Review

Martin Scorsese, who has built his career on churning out epic after epic has dazzled the silver screen yet again. Aviator, the story of Howard Hughes "Kid prodigy" lifts off from the making of Hells Angels, a Hughes film that was one of the costliest in American cinema history, and soars through the height of his life and the first and last flight of the Spruce Goose.

The star-studded cast, led by Leonardo DiCaprio, shouldn't be making its final decent until they reach the red carpet at the Academy Awards. This action-packed biopic will no doubtfully earn Scorsese an Oscar nomination, but should also fly away with a full cabin.

DiCaprio surely exemplified his increasing maturity in this film. He was absolutely superb in a role that expected him the display his versatility; for all of those familiar with Mr. Hughes, we all know that he was eccentric and became obsessively paranoid by his phobia. DiCaprio truly shines, however, he was not without a superb cast. Aviator also stars John C. Reilly, who stared in Chicago and Criminal, Cate Blanchett, from Lord of The Rings: Trilogy, and Alec Boldwin, from Along Came Polly and Cat in The Hat.

Scorsese does a much better job with his set design in the film compared to his last, Gangs of New York, which was nominated for an Oscar, but was not awarded one. It is my opinion that his last film was deprived of an Oscar because his set designs were weak (had a fakeness to them), however he surely resolved any and all set issues in this film.


For more stills, movie news, synopsis, and a trailer, go to the Aviator Movie Page.
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Bubba Craner
Sources: Image property of Miramax

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