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Some More X-Men: The Last Stand Reviews

Published May 23, 2006 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of 20th Century Fox
X-Men: The Last Stand Magneto
A few more reviews have sprung up for X-Men: The Last Stand and they continue to be mixed. While one calls the film a worthy addition to the franchise the other says that it is the weakest one of the three.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand Reviews

Below are two of the latest reviews for X-Men: The Last Stand. I figured the bad news first would be the best option.

My least favorite of the three X-MEN movies, but definitely not a disaster by any means, with an interesting enough plotline to make for an okay bookend to the series (somehow, I don’t think this is the “last stand” though) and a pretty cool final 20 minutes of jam-packed action. Unfortunately, the film featured way too many negative points for me to dismiss, including the fact that this is likely the one X-MEN movie that I can’t see myself watching over again, as it doesn’t really have all that much coolness going for it, or anything original that we haven’t seen before, with only Wolverine sticking out as the continuing master of kickass in this one, while the rest of the bunch just sorta go through the motions. The plot, in fact, is one of the film’s lesser qualities as it does establish an interesting premise (there is a “cure” for being a mutant, i.e. being gay, different, etc… -- they’ve removed all of the subtext now, they’re now hammering it into our heads), but they stretch that shit out for about an hour, to the point that you’re just begging them to get it over with already (we know it’s all heading for a showdown, so let’s get on with it already).

And this morning, in that darkened theater, the movie gods answered my prayers. Because X-MEN: THE LAST STAND (since no 3 appears anywhere in the title on the actual film) is not only a worthy addition to the franchise, it actually feels like it is simply part of one big movie, absolutely on par with the first two films.

Yes, itís true. Brett Ratner has stuck the landing.

The original X-MEN was, by comparison to its two sequels, a low-budget affair. X2 and X3 look pretty much like they are two halves of one movie, however.

You can read each review for X-Men: The Last Stand by clicking the bold links above (open in new window).

X-Men 3: The Last Stand comes to theatres on May 26th.

For the trailers, movie stills, posters, clips, extended preview, synopsis and movie info, go to the X-Men: The Last Stand Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of 20th Century Fox

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