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Weinstein Arms Seven Swords

Published May 16, 2006 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Seven Swords Seven Swords
The Weinstein Company (TWC) has acquired all theatrical and video rights in the U.S. to the martial arts epic “Seven Swords” directed by the master of kung-fu action films, Tsui Hark (“Zu Warriors,” “Once Upon A Time In China”). Cheung Chi–Sing and Chun Tin–Nam adapted the screenplay based on the original novel, “Seven Swordsmen From Mt Tian,” and it was produced by Lee Joo–Ick, Ma Zhongjun, and Pan Zhizhong. Richard Wong, Hong Bong–Chul and Zhang Yong serve as executive producers. The film stars Donnie Yen (Hero), Leon Lai (Comrades: Almost A Love Story), Charlie Yeung (New Police Story), Sun Honglei, Lu Yi, Kim So–Yeun, Lau Kar–Leung, Zhang Jingchu, Tai Liwu, and Duncan Chow. TWC purchased the rights from Fortissimo Films, the leading international distributor of Asian titles.

Seven Swords for Weinstein

Set in China under the Ching Dynasty, the emperor imposes a brutal ban on all martial arts practice and sends out his imperial enforcers to execute all martial artists. A group of seven master swordsmen set out to save a village besieged by the enforcers. These heroes face various challenges that encompass combat, love and treachery...

Bey Logan stated, “’Seven Swords’ is a dynamic and visibly impressive film with remarkable cinematography and fight choreography and we are excited to be working again with Tsui Hark and Donnie Yen.”

Tsui Hark stated, "I can think of no better swordsman than Harvey Weinstein to win our film an audience in the US."

Michael J. Werner, co-chair of Fortissimo said, "We at Fortissimo Films are honored to have “Seven Swords” be our first film to be acquired by the Weinstein Company."

“Seven Swords” was a major hit in China, grossing $10.3m U.S dollars and was the opening film at last year's Venice Film Festival. “Seven Swords” is a Film Workshop Production presented by Bejing Giwen Film & TV Production Co., Boram Entertainment and City Glory Pictures. Keung Kwok–Man is director of photography and Stephen Tung and Xiong Xinxin are co-action choreographers. Eddy Wong is production designer. Poon Wing–Yan is costume designer. Shirley Chan is image designer. Music is composed by Kenji Kawai and the film is edited by Angie Lam.

Bey Logan, vice president of Asian acquisitions & co-productions, brought the Weinstein’s attention and Barry Littman, executive vice president of business and legal affairs, negotiated the deal on behalf of The Weinstein Company with Michael J. Werner , co-chair of Fortissimo Films for the Producers along with Howard Frumes from Alexander, Nau, Lawrence, Frumes & Labowitz.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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