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Kane's Acting Transition

Published May 12, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Lionsgate.
See No Evil See No Evil
WWE superstar Kane joins the ranks of The Rock, Triple H and Bill Goldberg making the transition into film acting. With See No Evil, a horror film in which Kane plays serial killer Jacob Goodnight, Kane felt comfortable adjusting his larger than life performance to the more intimate film arena?

Kane's Acting Transition for See No Evil

“Our product of course is based on a television product,” Kane explained. “We do a lot of the same things. I was doing the same things on the set that I do with the WWE with the exception of in the WWE we do things live for the most part. We do things in one take and of course in movies, that’s completely different.”

While it may be a natural transition, Kane has not been one of those “What I really want to do is act” personalities. “It was never really something that I planned on doing. It was a project that WWE chairman Vince McMahon talked to me about and I was very interested in doing because I thought I could do well with the Jacob Goodnight character. But as far as being like an aspiration to make movies, to be a movie actor, that wasn’t one of mine.”

Ever the promoter, McMahon had the idea to incorporate the film’s release with Kane’s WWE storyline. He’s been screaming about his big secret on May 19 (the film’s release date) at nightly WWE events. “One thing, this is WWE’s debut film done in conjunction with Lionsgate. So we’re going to use every avenue we can to get people in the movie theater. And once they see it, they’re going to realize it is a very good movie. And they’re going to tell everyone else about it too. But we have with Monday Night Raw and with Smackdown, we have an opportunity to promote the movie through our shows which we do with the trailers and all that. So yeah, of course we’re going to take that opportunity.”

Kane may be doubling his efforts by moving into the film world, but he still has the same boss. Vince McMahon heads WWE and WWE Films. “One thing about Vince is he asks you to work very hard, but the other thing about him is that he outworks everybody. He gives people opportunities and if you can capitalize on the opportunity, more power to you. But that’s all anyone can ask is for an opportunity and he gives them to you. And also Vince is very loyal to people and he’s good to the people that have been with him for years. So I couldn’t really ask for a better boss.”

See No Evil comes to theatres on May 19th.

For the trailers and movie info, go to the See No Evil Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Lionsgate.

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