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Ali Larter and Friends for Resident Evil 3

Published May 10, 2006 in Casting Update
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Ali Larter Ali Larter
That's correct -- I have been known to cover some casting updates a little too closely just because the addition is female and smoking hot. These updates also give me the opportunity to search the web looking for the most slinkiest picture of said actress; something that usually takes way more time than it should.

That being said, what is new with Ali Larter?

Muniz, Kennedy, Pinkston for Parental Guidance Suggested

Ali Larter, who first became famous with her whip cream bikini outfit in Varsity Blues, has always had a way with the camera. The actress has made a name for herself in the Final Destination franchise and even played romantic interest to Colin Ferrell in American Outlaws. And, if you pay real close attention, Larter makes a quick appearance on the HBO series Entourage as Vince's ex-fling. Actually, I think that scene was in the pilot episode.

According to THR, there is a strong possibility that we will again see Ali Larter in some tight-fitting outfit for her role in the third installment of Resident Evil. Ali Larter, Ashanti and Chris Egan have joined the cast of Resident Evil 3 for Sony Screen Gems. The threesome will join Resident Evil: Apocalypse returnees Milla Jovovich, Oded Fehr and Mike Epps, who already have boarded the video game-based horror-thriller.

Larter will play Claire, a new character to the film franchise who was introduced in the video game Resident Evil 2. Claire leads a convoy across the Nevada desert. Alice (Jovovich) joins them in their fight for survival as they battle against the evil Umbrella Corp. Ashanti will play Nurse Betty, while Egan will play Mikey. Fehr is back as Carlos, while Epps will reprise his role as L.J.

I am never going to forget the added attention the original film got over the 'unintentional' muff shot of Milla Jovovich. Maybe Screen Gems is looking to score some quick points by tacking Larter to the list? Ok, ok, wishful thinking.

Resident Evil 3 begins filming in Mexico this Monday.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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