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Over the Hedge Reviews Enter the Neighborhood

Published May 8, 2006 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Dreamworks
Over the Hedge Poster Over the Hedge Poster
Over the Hedge, the next in line of the many CG animations of 2006, has had our attention ever since the release of the first movie still. We dig the style, the story, the look and the impressive cast.

We were first alerted to an early screening of Dreamworks' Over the Hedge back in April and it resulted in some pretty solid reviews to appear around the net (by viewers). Well, the film has recently been screened again and official reviews are beginning to spring up like an out of control weed.

Over the Hedge Reviews

Though the first responses to appear for Over the Hedge were extremely positive, the latest set of reviews are not as thrilled. Sure, the animation is still getting some semi-high marks, but there are a few points mentioned that may hurt the film's appeal to the adult market.

DreamWorks' animated film, "Over the Hedge," is a backyard ecological comedy outfitted with some fine, silly slapstick and clever animal characters. This one is aimed more at a younger audience than, say, "Shrek" but has plenty of entertainment value for older family members to ensure substantial boxoffice returns in both domestic and foreign markets.

This story sets in motion more than enough comic action sequences to fill the movie's 84 minutes. The final caper mimics and rivals the "Mission: Impossible" films' derring-do to hilarious results.

Along the way and in between there’s plenty of cuteness and chuckles as the animals and their celebrity voices interact with one another. Over the Hedge flies by, and satisfies every step of the way. It’s not as brilliantly funny as Shrek or as emotionally rewarding as Finding Nemo, but it’s a steady diet of cleverly created characters and gently delivered life lessons. This is a film definitely geared towards kids, though it’s smart enough that adults will find it easy to get involved in.

Over the Hedge is far from another computer animated classic, but it’s a cute, clever little movie that gets on the screen, entertains, and then gets off. It’s succinct and sweet. Kids are going to love it, and geeky parents will get a kick out of William Shatner’s possum character and his penchant for overly dramatic deaths. Good enough.

Ok, ok, the reviews are still pretty positive. There are a few minor issues that each review mentions, so be sure to click on the bold links above to check them all out.

Over the Hedge is set to face off against Columbia Pictures' The Da Vinci Code, a film that may pull away some of the animation's parental audience.

Over the Hedge comes to theatres on May 19th, 2005.

For the trailers, movie stills, posters, more movie info and full synopsis, go to the Over the Hedge Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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