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Poseidon Reviews Pop Up

Published May 8, 2006 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros
Poseidon Poster Poseidon
Paramount recently announced that they hope their latest release, Mission: Impossible III, will have the legs to bring in a box office take of $200 million. With the type of box office competition expected this summer, the studios' hopes would be considered a bit too, well, optimistic. Fortunately for Paramount, the studio may have already caught its first break, or should I say sunken ship?

Warner Bros' Poseidon, the first real test against M:i:III, has been screened and let's just say that the reviews could sink this ship before it even finishes its role.

Poseidon Reviews

Though Warner Bros had a feeling this was coming, the early reviews for Poseidon have begun to pop up across the net and most wish for the good old days of the original film. The problem? So far the major complaint has come down to the lack of character development.

The stripped-down title of the disaster epic formerly known as "The Poseidon Adventure" accurately reflects the movie itself -- an early-summer vehicle that's built for speed, with scant time to develop characters before the world turns upside-down. Thanks to its simple construction, Wolfgang Petersen's large-scale liner moves reasonably well, though anyone with the faintest memory of its 1972 predecessor will wonder where most of the plot went, and the dialogue is so stilted it can honestly be said the less the better. Given that, Warner Bros. should enjoy a few bright mornings after, though prospects of an extended theatrical voyage appear unlikely.

Hollywood Reporter
The cries of "Why?" over "United 93" might better be applied to this spectacular but uninvolving remake of "The Poseidon Adventure," the 1972 Irwin Allen production that kick-started the modern-day disaster genre. Updating the story of a capsized luxury liner, the $160 million production boasts more than a few astounding set pieces. But its intensity is strictly physical, the intended emotional impact submerged in a numbing onslaught of death, danger and derring-do as a bunch of mostly annoying, self-centered passengers fight their way to the surface, finding their inner heroes as they go.

Not the best start but the THR report does get a bit more positive towards the end.

Warner Bros, who had initially hoped that the domestic take of the film would match the budget, may begin looking overseas to cover the costs of this mammoth.

You can check out either review for Poseidon by clicking on the bold links above (new window).

Poseidon comes to theatres on May 12th 2006.

For the video journals, trailers, stills, synopsis and movie info, go to the Poseidon Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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