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Spy-Hunter Script and Animatics

Published April 11, 2006 in Movie Scripts
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Universal
Spy Hunter Spy-Hunter
Though it hasn't been since November since our last update on the upcoming video game adaptation Spy-Hunter, we have received double the news today.

Not only has a positive script review appeared online but five animatic clips as well.

Spy-Hunter Script and Animatics

The good people over at LatinoReview have found themselves another "balls to the wall" script that should create one hell of a summer flick. The script for Spy Hunter, polished by Stuart Beattie, has so much action in it that one may begin to think we have another True Lies coming our way. Ok, ok, maybe not True Lies (we can only hope) but the film does kick off with action and doesn't seem to quit the whole way through.

The script is hot. I enjoyed the hell out of reading it. A good old-fashioned balls to the wall popcorn adventure movie. It feels like Raiders of the Lost Ark but with the car the G-6155 Interceptor. Hell on wheels. This is not a movie for the intellectual movie going types. This is your opening weekend escapist Hollywood testosterone adventure movie. You are going to this film to strictly see the gadgets and the car.

There are 3 major set pieces, HUGE SET PIECES with the interceptor and all its really cool they pull it off and they will make the Bad Boys 2 car chase scene look like an NYU student film. We see the Interceptor in all its glory in the first 15 pages, then we see it turn into a snowmobile in the 2nd act make a harrowing getaway in the Himalayas, and then in the 3rd act we watch the Interceptor become a jet ski. The animations should give you a strong hint of what to come.

What animatics you ask? LatinoReview also has five of those clips HERE.

The film was first expected to make it by 2006, but now summer 2007 is the targeted release.

For more movie info, go to the Spy-Hunter Movie Page

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