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V for Vendetta Media Updates

Published March 30, 2006 in Movie Clips
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros
Warner Bros keep dropping reminders on why V for Vendetta is the coolest film in 2006. Having quickly earned my strong appreciation and support, I say 'V' should be able to dish out all the extra goodies that he wants.

V for Vendetta Stunts and Concept Art

The official website for V for Vendetta has recently added quite a few updates including tons of new stunt footage and fight sequence tests along with four new concept art images (two shown below).

If you have not seen V for Vendetta, then I highly suggest you do not check out the clips or the concept art as they both contain major plot spoilers. However, if you have seen the film, then feel free to check out all nine fight clips. There were three different sequences choreographed for each fight scene in the film. Though I do love the fight scenes featured in the film, all of the test versions look pretty sweet as well.

Today, we premier video covering FINGERMEN ALLEY and the TV STATION sequences.

V for Vendetta Concept Art V for Vendetta Concept Art

V for Vendetta Concept Art V for Vendetta Concept Art

What exactly are these clips?

It was from these videos that Stunt Coordinator Chad Stahelski communicated to Director James McTeigue on how the sequence might play out. As with all pre-production, the sequence went through changes as James shared his feedback. We have included versions from various states of this exchange, from early drafts to the final. None are polished sequences but were never meant to be; they remain a visual way to discuss the sequence before filming, much like storyboards might be used. For anyone who ever wondered how such complex sequences are refined when choreographing this kind of detailed stunt work, here's your chance to receive some insight.

Check out all the new goodies over at the official website for V for Vendetta.

If you have not seen V for Vendetta yet then get your butt out of the house this weekend and check it out.

V for Vendetta is out in theatres now.

For movie stills, movie trailers, movie posters, review, synopsis and additional movie info, go to the V for Vendetta Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros

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