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Mick Garris on Upcoming Horror Projects

Published March 30, 2006 in Movie Interviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Sony Pictures.
Sleepwalkers Sleepwalkers
Clint over at Moviehole alerted us that he was recently able to catch up with horror-director Mick Garris and discuss some of his upcoming projects.

New Line Cinema has Land of the Living

Mick Garris is the same director who brought us Stephen King's: Sleepwalkers, The Stand, Critters 2 and Psycho 4.

Nightmares & Dreamscapes
Garris, despite reports, isn’t actually involved in it. “I was going to [be involved]. I was the first one to write one. But when we found out we got picked up for a second season of Masters of Horror, I wasn’t going to be able to direct it. I’m hoping to come down and do my episode if – and it’s looking very likely – we get picked up for more”.

The Talisman
Whatever happened to it? “I would love to know”, says Garris. “It was Spielberg, Frank Marshall and Kathy Kennedy. They had the rights to it. They tried to make it a feature for like fifteen years. Finally, they said let’s do it as a 4-hour mini series. I wrote a script that everybody was very happy with, and at that time it was for the ABC Network – who did The Stand, The Shining and Desperation. It was before Lost or Desperate Housewives, they [ABC] were in the worst financial state of their history, so with Spielberg, Kathy Kenney, Frank Marshall, Stephen King, Peter Straub and me involved – they couldn’t afford it. So, then decided Stephen decided he wanted to make it a feature and at first I was involved - and then I wasn’t - and there have been two or three directors on and off, and other writers, but it’s not happening anymore. It’s too bad. It was one of my favourite things, and I really wanted to make it.”

Masters of Horror : Season Two
Garris says an episode in season two that he wrote which Ernest Dickerson is going to direct, which please horror buffs to the bone. “It’s just pure horror. It’s all just dealing with as much of the troves of horror as possible”.

Clint expects to have the full interview with Mick Garris up shortly. For the time being, check out the entire summary over at MovieHole.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Sony Pictures.

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