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Wizard Covers Batman Sequel and X-Men 3

Published March 28, 2006 in Movie Scoops
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros
Batman Begins Batman Begins
One of our frequent posters, 'BoyToyChris,' recently alerted us that the April issue of Wizard Magazine covers villain details for the sequel to Batman Begins and Ratner on X-Men 3.

Law as Two Face?

The scoop from 'BoyToyChris' states that Ratner considers X3 as the armageddon of the X-Men film franchise and that it is very faithful to the comicbooks. When it comes to the sequel for Batman Begins, David Goyer has through up more than a few villain options.


RATNER: I might describe this as "X-men Armageddon" he says the film will finally introduce beast, played by Kelsey Grammer ( Frasier ), into the cast: debut the long-awaited Danger room ( the x-men famed training facility ) after it's appearance was cut from the first two films: and make the giant mutant-haunting robots a reality, at least on the big screen, it's the final battle. "Every scene in this film is based on a page from the comics" says Ratner.

But don't believe the hype when it comes to a possible end to the X-men saga with this third movie, according to producer Ralph Winters "There are a lot of stories to pull from " he says with a smile " I don't think anyone is planning this as a final film"

( yep confusing i know )

Also But if one is to believe the " X-men 3 " cast and crew this film is not just a spinoff point for such prequels ( yes prequels ) such as Wolverine, Magneto and young X-men flicks ( and a rumored storm one, too ). It's a new beginning full of endless possibilities and-as many will point out-the most intensive X-men movie script ever read.

Regarding Batman Begins sequel:

The list of possibles for the joker role ok number one is:
Paul Bettany
Followed by:
Adrien Brody
And Lachy Hulme

David Goyer had this to say:
If i did write the next film, i would obviously like to retell batman's first encounter with the joker, he revealed " i'd also include Harvey Dent but have him remain Harvey for the duration of the film, then on the third film i'd have him become Two-Face .....

(N o catwoman yet .....bummer )

Harvey Dent possibles:
On top is Liev Schreiber
followed buy Guy Pearce ( who was originally rumoured to have a cameo apearence in the first one ) and Josh Lucas....

I;d go with Lucas ........

That's all so we will have sentinels in the third X flick cool.

The report was original posted in the CanMag Blogs and reposted in the CanMag Forums.

I am still personally hoping for Liev Schreiber (Sum of All Fears) as Harvey Dent. I guess it is a bit too early to be making any major predictions yet... but still.

For Batman Begins info, media, etc, go to the Batman Begins Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros

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