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Mission Impossible 3 Updates

Published March 20, 2006 in Movie Clips
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount Pictures
Earlier today Paramount Pictures released a pretty slick second teaser poster for Mission: Impossible III (check it out here). We were impressed with the poster, with its profile of Tom Cruise, and figured Paramount would call it a day at that. Instead, the picture house has surprised us with not only a couple new movie stills but the latest featurette and interview.

So Much M:I:3

The first major update comes in a new video featurette (#3) titled 'Stunts.' You have to throw Tom Cruise some props considering that it looks like the actor is in just about every stunt that MI3 has to offer. Yes, that is Tom getting run over by an eighteen-wheeler, yes, that is Tom jumping off a building. The featurette also shows an extended version of that pesky jet that fires missiles at Tom along a bridge. It turns out that Ethan Hunt is able to dodge missiles up until the one that throws him up against the white car.

Now that just about every moviegoer knows this scene they might as well dub in a corny line like "damn you pesky jet!" while Tom Cruise shakes his hand at the air. Probably not, but worth a shot. The featurette also shows some of the first bits of Rhys-Meyers, who claims that Mission: Impossible 3 features better and more action that the previous two films.

You can check out the clip over at ComingSoon.

Mission Impossible 3- Maggie Q Maggie Q

Mission Impossible 3- Maggie Q Maggie Q

If you are wondering who the hottie is in the pictures above wonder no more. Her name is Maggie Q and she has previous experience in Hong Kong films with Jackie Chan as her manager. ComingSoon was recently given the opportunity to interview Maggie Q and here is a little bit of what they talked about:

CS: Gotcha. So what exactly is your role in the movie?
Maggie Q: I play one of the team members along with Tom and Ving Rhames and Johnny Rhys Meyers. We play an IMF team.

CS: Does that mean you're able to use some of your action training?
Maggie Q: Totally! Well, the great thing is that I'm able to use a little bit of that, but the wonderful about working with a director like J.J. is that you get to do so many things. I mean, what you can expect when you see the film is not just to see action, but you're going to be really involved in these characters, 'cause I think he's really great. Everybody is going to stand out and do their own thing. You're going to see so many sides to these people. It's going to be cool.

CS: So you get to go undercover and play different characters, too?
Maggie Q: Exactly! Different languages, different looks, blah blah blah... things like that. It's going to be like what you would expect to see in the old black and white TV series. It's going to be a really great team effort.

What? No questions like, "so, do you have a boyfriend?" You can check out the entire interview at CS.

Mission: Impossible 3 comes to theatres on May 5th, 2006.

For the trailers, teaser posters, clips, movie stills, synopsis and movie info, go to the Mission: Impossible 3 Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Paramount Pictures

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