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Wachowski Brothers to Crown Conan?

Published March 20, 2006 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image from Conan
Conan the Barbarian Conan the Barbarian
Now that the Wachowski Brothers have renewed their popularity with the recent release of V for Vendetta, it looks like the two Matrix-creators are ready to take on another tentpole flick.

Thanks to the heads up for 'shannon,' it looks like Andy and Larry Wachowski are ready to crown King Conan.

King Conan for the Wachowski's

TheArnoldFans have recently posted another recent development for King Conan: Crown of Iron. If the governator leaves office in January of 2007, we could see Conan team up with the Wachowski Brothers shortly after.

Over the years, John Milius (original Conan The Barbarian director) and Robert Rodriguez were going to direct at some point, but things happened and either they left or got fired from the project. It now seems that Andy and Larry Wachowski --the Wachowski Brothers as they are known-- are being courted by the WB to direct KING CONAN: CROWN OF IRON a.k.a. CONAN THE CONQUEROR. They were once going to produce and write King Conan under Milius before they left the project to pursue other things. Warner Bros. knows Andy and Larry are cinema gods and fans rush out to see their films (re: The Matrix Trilogy). The next Wachowski BLOCKBUSTER opens March 17th --V FOR VENDETTA.

My source says the Wachoswki Brothers know the CONAN character like the back of their hands and would love a chance to come back to the project. They of course want Schwarzenegger since they know that the CONAN film fans want to see when it hits cinemas. The Brothers have made billions of dollars for the WB with the groundbreaking MATRIX Trilogy and will continue that cash flow with V FOR VENDETTA. They currently have not signed on to their next project, which makes KING CONAN the obvious choice.

It seems awkward that the Wachowski Brothers would pick a project like King Conan when their biggest films are about a controlling government being overthrown; are we now supposed to cheer for the leader?

If Schwarzenegger does step down from office in January the guy will most likely be bombarded with scripts for both King Conan and Terminator 4. Even though Terminator 4 does have a head start with a 'completed' script floating around, there has easily been more hype for the idea of King Conan.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from Conan

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