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Jet Li Goes Missing After Tsunami Hits Asia *Updated

Published December 27, 2004 in UPDATE
By Ryan Parsons | Jet Li image from WireImage
Jet Li
I first wasn't going to write an article about the tsunami that hit Asia and surrounding areas after what I can only call a 'ginormous' earthquake. Well, it seems that among the missing persons is the asian actor Jet Li and his family [allegedly].

Jet Li Part of Missing Persons

Jet Li, and family, were supposedly vacationing on the Maldives Islands when the Tsunami hit. Soon after the event, Jet Li's agent and father both tried to contact him to see if he was alright. However, neither were able to get a hold of Li. Li is one of many on a missing persons list that continues to grow.

As of now, there is no real confirmation whether Li is actually missing or not. Just a lot of buzz on the internet and other media sources. I will post an update to this article as soon as Li's [and family] condition becomes known.

Continue to wish the best for Li and all who have become victims to the earthquake and tsunami.

UPDATE: After some research on media sites and newsgroups, it seems that Li has finally contacted others to say that he and his family are OK[allegedly].
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Jet Li image from WireImage

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