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Academy Awards Audience Falls Short

Published March 6, 2006 in Movie Awards
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Oscars.Com
78th Annual Academy Awards Nominees The list of nominees was a major issue with viewer outcome.
When the Academy released its list of nominees for the 78th Annual Academy Awards they encountered their first, and largest, problem-- there was not a single blockbuster film looking to sweep the award show. Without one or two tentpole films to drive this year's Oscar ceremony, the Academy was left with nothing to drive this year's viewers.

One of the first moves by the Academy to counter this issue was the selection of Jon Stewart to host. With Stewart's popularity at an all-time high, thanks to The Daily Show on Comedy Central and Stewart's own 'Indecision 2004', the rookie host seemed like the perfect boost in the show's entertainment factor.

Though Stewart did come through, the amount of television viewers could still not rebound.

78th Annual Oscar Ratings

According to preliminary reports, this year's Academy Awards ceremony has approximately ten percent less viewers than last year's show. Sunday night's broadcast drew an average household rating of 27.1 percent, a number that hasn't been this low since the airing of the Academy Awards in 2003.

When it comes to figuring why the numbers were so much lower for this ceremony, all one has to do is take a look at the films nominated. For the larger award brackets, most to all the films nominated had low box office numbers.

When people do not see the films beforehand they have little interest on whether they win an award or not.

The 2006 Academy Awards will most likely be the final kick for the 2005 box office season. With a 'slump' in ticket sales, Hollywood couldn't even recover with an award show.

Fortunately, 2006 looks to be a brighter day for Hollywood, the studios, film franchises and, yes, the box office.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Oscars.Com

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