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Jack Bauer Takes on the X-Men

Published March 1, 2006 in Movie Trailers
By Ryan Parsons | Image from 20th Century Fox
X-Men 3 Poster X-Men 3
Back in January we were told that we could expect the full trailer for X-Men 3: The Last Stand some time during the middle of March. Well, it looks like we have some good news and some great news. First, the middle of March is quickly approaching and, second, we will not have to wait that long.

X-Men 3 Trailer Announcement

For all of you who have seen the movie In Good Company understand the idea behind 'synergy.' When you own multiple mediums, outlets and companies-- such as 20th Century Fox does --you have multiple options at your disposal to cross promote upcoming films and projects. Take for instance X-Men 3, 20th Century Fox's largest tentpole film for 2006. What would be a cheap and easy way to get the word out on the upcoming film?

Well, it just turns out that the Fox series, 24, about a super agent named Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), has been kicking some series ass for Season 5. In what I can only call the best season of 24 yet, Fox may have found itself a great outlet to release the new trailer for X-Men 3.

At the end of last Monday's episode Fox announced that we can expect two episodes (hours) of 24 on March 6th. According to Joblo, there is a possibility that we can expect to see the full trailer for X3 during those two hours.

Now, if you haven't watched 24 before I highly suggest you do a cramming session between now and then. There is a strong possibility that if you sit down for the two hours of 24 to catch the trailer you may end up getting hooked on the show; genius marketing by Fox.

However, there is still the minor possibility that the trailer will not show during the two-hour episode of 24 or you could miss it due to a bathroom break. But don't feel bad, as Quicktime will be hosting the trailer online right after the airing of 24 Monday night.

So, full trailer for X-Men 3 coming Monday! Brett Ratner has got a lot to show us for this trailer and, if he doesn't come through, Jack Bauer may just have to handle the situation.

X-Men 3 comes to theatres on May 26th.

For the trailers, latest rumors, movie stills, scoops, set pics, movie info and synopsis, go to the X-Men 3 Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from 20th Century Fox

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