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A Boatload of Movie Trailers

Published December 22, 2004 in MOVIE TRAILERS
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros
Still nausiated over what happened with the Matrix sequels. Picture from Constantine
Trailers, trailers, trailers. While I was fortunate enough to see most of these trailers on the big screen, here is everybody's chance to see them..well... on the internet.

Second Elektra Trailer Better than the First?

I saw this second trailer in the theatre just before seeing Meet the Fockers. I got to say, this film looks pretty dang good. The action looks cool, the ninjas are sweet, and the bad guys [and girl] look too cool for words. The only thing that frightens me is the fact that 20th Century Fox feels it has to say 'from the people who brought you X-Men' during the trailer. Like the trailer is not selling the film enough, and it is trying to sell crap with another label. Ah, maybe I'm just overreacting...maybe. Anyway, if the first Elektra trailer didn't have you wanting to get ready for our new heroine, this second one should do the trick.

*the second Elektra trailer [online] is actually slightly different from the one now running in theatres

To check out the trailer and other Elektra news, go to the Elektra Movie Page

International Constantine Trailer

Like most movie advocates, I have seen both of the Constantine movie trailers. And, I think the film looks damn cool. The only thing that has me worried about Keanu's latest film is that there is some early buzz and it is negative. Eesh, I watch these trailers and can't figure out where this film may have gone wrong for some early viewers. Well, now there is an international Constantine trailer that makes the film look even cooler. If Constantine is a shit movie, I have to give credited to whoever put these trailers together, because this film looks AWESOME.

For more movie info and the trailer, go to the Constantine Movie Page.

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous Trailer

I know, I know. How is this abomination even possible? Well, I saw the trailer in theatres today and began asking myself the same thing. However, I did find myself laughing during the trailer and realized that this film will probably bring in some money; at least around the same amount as the original. While I do not plan to see it in theatres, it may be worth a sit down at home... if its playing on HBO.

View the Miss Congeniality Trailer

Russell Crowe as Cinderella Man

This is one of the latest heart filled boxing movies that seems to show more on the life of the boxer rather than actual boxing. The movie covers the period of the depression where an ex-boxer tries to make a come back to the ring. A cool 'true' story about a boxer who didn't become great until he realized what he was actually fighting for, his family.

Check out Cinderella Man Trailer
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros

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