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I Laughed at Meet the Fockers

Published December 22, 2004 in MOVIE REVIEW
By Ryan Parsons | Images property Universal Pictures
Hoffman, as the laid back, openly sexual, Bernie Focker
I have just retrurned from viewing Meet the Fockers, a film starring Stiller, De Niro, Hoffman, Streisand, Polo, Danner, and Ubach. First, let me just say that I thought this film was going to be stupid and have, at best, silly comedy. An attempt to earn a couple more bucks from an originally funny idea. Luckily, I was heavily mistaken, and laughed through out the entire showing.

Meet the Fockers is a Play on Words... or Word

In the original film, Meet the Parents, every time you heard the last name 'Focker' used, you couldn't help but giggle. Well, it seems that the crew picked up on this and decided to use 'Focker' extensively this time around. Now, I know it is easily possibly to overuse a comedic element, but somehow the term 'Focker' rarely fell flat. The theatre giggled every time the last name was mentioned.

Meet the Fockers even takes the last name a step farther by introducing new names that belong in the Focker family. Such as Gaylord Focker's cousin, Dum Focker.

Streisand and Hoffman are Wonderful Additions

I did not think I would enjoy Hoffman and Streisand in this film, I thought it looked like the two were trying too hard in the previews and clips. Again, I was pleasantly mistaken as Hoffman and Streisand were both hilarious and added their own comedic element to the film.

Each actor played their role perfectly, as eccentric Focker parents who are all about enjoying life, love, and sexuality. The Focker parents are a perfect contrast to De Niro's character, who plays as the ex-CIA, ultra-conservative, father who thinks he created a circle of trust [a circle that can't tell him anything]. This factor becomes a major element of the film during the latter half.

Meet the Fockers-- The Story

Now that Gaylord 'Gary' Focker has received permission by Jack Byrnes [De Niro] to marry his daughter, Pam [Teri Polo], it is time for Gary's parents, played by Streisand and Hoffman, to meet Jack and wife Dina [Blythe Danner]. The only problem is that Jack takes family very seriously [as he does all things], and sees his son-in-law's family as an indicator of the 'legacy' that he will leave behind. And Jack does not want a 'kink' in his chain.

Byrnes and Fockers meet
Gary immediately knows that problems will be encountered as his parents are the exact opposite of Jack. What is the ice-breaker between the two families? Gary's father, Bernie, tells a story about how he only has one testicle and that he always wondered how Gary would have turned out if he had both. Outrageous, but damn hilarious. Statements such as this will continue to spout from both Bernie's [Hoffman] and Roz's [Gary's mother, played by Streisand] mouth; usually with uproar from the audience.

Through out the film, Gary must not only prove himself as the man for Pam, but he must also prove that his parents will not represent the 'kink' in the family chain. Just as the original, Meet the Fockers takes you through various hilarious episodes that should have you laughing out loud.


While I thought Meet the Fockers would play on the idea to make a few extra bucks, the film actually churns out fresh comedy. If you had to have a great sequel for Meet the Parents, Fockers hits it right on the mark. In the original, we are placed in extreme situations with what seems to be an ultra-conservative family that has problems letting people in. Now, in Meet the Fockers, we encounter extreme situations again, but now we experience them with an eccentric family that has no problem being open with others about anything; especially sexuality.

Final Judgment: If you enjoyed Meet the Parents, you will also enjoy Meet the Fockers. When it comes to which is better between the two, I'd have to say that the films couldn't be more on the same level. So go see this film, and be ready to giggle in your seat.

For more movie info, go to the Meet the Fockers Movie Page
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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property Universal Pictures

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