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There Will be Blood Script Review

Published February 17, 2006 in Movie Scripts
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Miramax
Daniel Day-Lewis: Gangs of New York Daniel Day-Lewis with DiCaprio in Gangs of New York
Back in January we announced that Daniel Day-Lewis and director Paul Thomas Anderson are planning to team up to create There Will be Blood, a period drama loosely based on the 1927 novel Oil! from author Upton SinClair.

Though we haven't heard any more on the current status of the film since, the latest script review for Blood claims that this film could be the cat's pajamas.

There Will be Blood Script

The good people over at LatinoReview have recently got their hands on the script for Their Will be Blood, a film that Paramount Classics and Miramax have teamed up to distribute.

Before the review for the script even begins we are told that it is 'A Complete Miracle' with an A+ rating.

As if simply possessing it weren't enough, I've also read it! Let me start off by saying... I'm overjoyed. I'm elated. I'm ecstatic. I also have a splitting headache... I have never read a script like this before. And while this subject is nothing to be 'overjoyed' about per say, it was so refreshing to read something as original and thought provoking, that I'm literally giddy. This script is so far removed from your past work, that based on the differences alone, I think it is a work of brilliance.

To others reading this letter, this film isn't your normal fare for popcorn crazed box-office fodder. This is a story so simple that to explain it is to be lost in its complexities. The film concerns a man named Daniel, an oil prospector in the early 1900's. His quest to find and extract oil leads him on a rather confounded path lined with madness. The crux of the story revolves around a small community of people, namely a poor downtrodden religious family the Sundays, and their involvement in Daniel's agenda. It is here that Daniel interfaces with his counterpart, the Sunday's second-eldest son: a young preacher of 'God's word' whose abnormal evangelical style has made him a local celebrity. Both Daniel and Eli Sunday are looking to 'mine' a commodity deemed invaluable: one for oil, the other-faith. The two are on a collision course that can only be resolved in blood.

The review goes on and on with more gushing comments and how much 'El Chavo' would like to rape PTA. Ok, it doesn't go that far, but you will see when you read it.

Read the entire script review for There Will be Blood over at LatinoReview.

There Will be Blood will have a budget just north of $20 million.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Miramax

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