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Alpha Dog a Top Ten!

Published February 3, 2006 in Top Films
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of respective holders.
Alpha Dog Alpha dog gets on a competitive list.
In the last couple articles written on Mission: Impossible 3 we told the fans that the next update of the CanMag.Com Top Ten was bound to feature the film. However, after removing both King Kong and Underworld: Evolution we were surprised to see two things.

Our first surprise was that X-Men 3 finally jumped past Superman Returns as the most opened film on our site; making it numero uno.

But there was an even bigger surprise-- Instead of seeing M:I:3 blip onto the list Alpha Dog makes an appearance instead.

Are you telling me this film featuring Justin Timberlake is currently more popular than some highly anticipated sequels this year? Well, I'm not, but the list definitely suggests that (for now).

Top Ten Films

The top ten most viewed films on CanMag.Com on January 2nd were (stats from same date):

Superman Returns (291,402 views)
X-Men 3 (247,350 views)
Underworld: Evolution (106,170)
Ghost Rider (89,445 views)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (86,118 views)
King Kong (82,338 views)
Spider-Man 3 (56,790 views)
V for Vendetta (20,544 views)
Indiana Jones 4 (18,186 views)
The Da Vinci Code (15,582 views)

Since Superman Returns had a firm lead on the top spot in the Top Ten Films that we never actually thought it would be replaced until May; if ever. When X-Men 3's release date approached we figured the film from Brett Ratner would get a nice boost in views. However, the film has got a boost in views early for other reasons.

Thanks to 'erinjoy' for her scoops that have panned out and 'liz' for her X-Men 3 images, I believe the two girls have helped push X-Men 3 to number one.

The top ten most viewed films on CanMag.Com after the recent update this February 3rd are:

X-Men 3 (330,288 views)
Superman Returns (313,612 views)
Ghost Rider (109,935 views)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (106,143 views)
Spider-Man 3 (80,841 views)
Indiana Jones 4 (27,687 views)
V for Vendetta (23,977 views)
The Da Vinci Code (22,008 views)
Alpha Dog (13,263 views)
Transformers (9,780 views)

As you can tell by the numbers, it doesn't look like anything is going to come close to replacing the two top spots for some time.

Da Vinci Code
could again jump into spot #7 if it gets some type of boost in popularity or an update that draws enough attention. How about a cool new poster to start?

Pirates of the Caribbean is expected to shoot by Ghost Rider shortly as Disney increases updates for the film in anticipation of its upcoming release. Personally, I am surprised it hasn't dono so already.

Mission: Impossible III is very close to breaking into the Top Ten, and currently sits at #11.

That's the new top 10! Agree or disagree with the most popular* films on CanMag.Com? Let us know!

Stay tuned for updates.

*popularity is judged by how many times each movie page has been opened.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of respective holders.

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