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X-Men 3 Character List

Published January 26, 2006 in Movie Scoops
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of 20th Century Fox
Image removed Jean Grey/Phoenix returns to the mansion. (removed)
When the subfield for our article mentions 'Movie Scoops' most have come to learn that 'scoop' means NOT confirmed. With our recent leaked images for X-Men 3 we have received tons of emails from people with either more images from the film or information on the movie itself. Now, I'd hate to cause some unnecessary excitement, but 'liz' recently sent over what he/she calls a 'character list for X-Men 3: The Last Stand' and, if anything, it is a ton of fun to read.

However, know that we have NOT confirmed any of the points made by 'liz' on each of the characters (unless they have been previously confirmed before).

X-Men 3 Character List

Before you begin reading the so-called 'character list' for X-Men 3 below be warned that if some of the information is true you will find the details given to be very SPOILERIFIC.

Wolverine- Wolvie will get a lot of screen time in this movie, about as much as he did in the last two. However, in this film he doesn't focus so much on his past. Wolvie has a strong friendship with Storm but does not share the same love for her as she expresses for him. Wolverine first goes to Alkali Lake to check up on Cyclops who is mourning the death of Jean. But of course befor he does this, he has a drink of whisky at the bar he was in during the opening scene in X1. The same bartender played by Doug Lennox is there and he has an akward yet humorous moment with Wolverine. Wolverine will also spy on the brotherhood and have a ferocious fight with the Multiple Man who multiplies himself and almost kills Wolverine but the army interferes and kills MM. Also he is in the Danger Room scene which is the opening scene in the film. He is split with Storm in this scene and has an awesome battle. He does a cannonball special and claws an enormous Sentinel midway through the battle. Also he battles Juggernaut where he is thrown from a window in Jean's old neighborhood. He also is a part of the final battle which I am not revealing that much about yet.

Storm- Storm has so much more to do in this film than she did in the last two films. She flies, she dives, and she spins. She also creates Tornados, lightning, hail, rain, and snow multiple times during the film. Not only does she do that, but she renews her place at the passenger's seat in the X-Jet. Storm has a passionate love for Wolverine. She is also very glad to see the former X-Men member Beast again once he joins the team. This a love triangle because Beast has renewed his childhood crush for her. Storm also is in the Danger Room sequence and she explains everything about it to Wolverine just before they enter the room. Also Storm battles Sunfire (Ken Leung) and Arclight (Omayra Mota) in Jean's neighborhood. And she faces Phoenix in the final battle.

Rogue- Rogue has a decent part in this film. She hates Kitty because of the affair Kitty is having with her boyfriend Iceman. It is a great love triangle. Unlike the first 2 films Rogue is barely seen with Wolverine. Rogue is very tempted to take the cure but ultimately decides not to near the end. Rogue gains the super strength power for a moment after touching Juggernaut and she throws him in the final battle. Roue also fights in the Danger Room sequence and is split with Colossus during the scene.

Iceman- Iceman takes his ice powers to the maximum level in this film. He does not "ice up" but he does use his iceslide during the Danger Room sequence when he is split with Kitty. Iceman has a love affair with Kitty during this film and he builds an ice fountain for her. Iceman fights Pyro in the final battle.

Kitty Pryde- Kitty's main part in this film is having a love affair with Iceman. Kitty joins the X-Men after a class taught Xavier near the beginning of the film. She runs through tons of walls in the Danger Room sequence. She also has a small part in the Final Battle. She also is god friends with Colossus.

Jean- Jean has an extremely large role in this film. She switches from god to evil to believing that she is a little girl throughout this film. Remember last film when Jean dies saving her fellow X-Men? Well it turns out she is not dead and ad rises from Alkali Lake. When she does that she is seen by Cyclops. She talks to him and tells him to remove him to remove his glasses. It is a touching scene... until Cyclops moleculeized into the air. Yes she kills him but when she does she used to much power to hold in Cyclops's eye beams from shooting, so she faints. Wolverine find her on the ground and Cyclops's ruby glasses floaing in the air. They take her to Xavier's medical room where she awakes and Wolvie tells her what she did to Cyclops. She escapes and goes to the neighborhood she lived in as a child. Xavier, Wolverine, Storm, and Magneto go after her. Mags joins with them because he was there when they first met Jean as a child and Jean believes that she is still a kid at this point in the film (kinda corny huh?). Well secretly Magneto brought along a few new members of the brotherhood and he knocks out Xavier. After he does this Jean somehow turns back into regular Jean. Magneto then tells her about how Xavier put mental blocks into her head to limit her power. Back to evil Jean. Jean then brutally kills Xavier who is lying knocked out on the floor. She then becomes a brotherhood member and is renamed by Magneto, Phoenix. She helps destroy Golden Gate Bridge and also has a pivotal part in the final battle.

Beast- Beast has a large pivotal role in X3. He is the secretary of mutant affairs so he meets with the president a few times during the course of this film. He is very much against the mutant cure that has been issued lately by Warren Worthington II (Michael Murphy) and Worthington's Indian assistant Kavito Rao (Shohreh Aghdashloo). Also on the mutant affairs board is a man named Senator Trask (Bill Duke). Trask supports the cure 100% and he also highly supports the use of the mutant hunting Sentinels. Beast knows that this cure will form into a disease in mutants called Legacy Virus. The Legacy Virus is a fatal disease. He decides to rejoin Xavier's team of mutants called the X-Men. He was the first student of Xavier's and is glad to see Storm an old companion but he is sad about the death of his former friend Cyclops and he is puzzled by Jean's return. Beast says some witty joke and he has an interesting relationship with Wolverine during the film. He helps the X-Men fight in the final battle.

Colossus- Colossus has a much larger part in this film. He joins the X-Men with Kitty near the beginning of the film. He also is in the Danger Room sequence where he throws Wolverine during a fastball special at a Sentinel. Colossus metals up quite a few times and he fights Juggernaut in the final battle. Colossus is bisexual in the film and he has crushes on both Rogue and Wolverine. He acts kind of like a big brother towards the other students.

Mystique- Mystique has a small yet fabulous part in this film. She is taken from the forest where the brotherhood hide out in this film and she is locked into an interrogation room with office officials and they test the cure on her. But Mystique does put up a fight. She knocks out and kills many officials with handcuffs on. Later Magneto comes to Alcatraz where she is and finds her. She is still a mutant. He has a touching scene with her but she becomes human and momentarily dies right before his eyes.

Magneto- Magneto is a even more powerful in this film than he was in the last 2 films. He first rescues many mutants from Alcatraz. Many of these mutants have deformed mutant features and are dubbed Morlocks. The leader of the Morlocks is named Callisto (Dania Ramirez) and she gladly joins Magneto's brotherhood of mutants. He then leads an attack on Golden Gate Bridge and he brutally murders many humans. He then leads the brotherhood back to the remains of the Golden Gate bridge where the final battle occurs.

Juggernaut- Juggernaut is a mutant that Magneto rescues from a containment cell in Alcatraz. He wears a helmet similar to Magneto's because he is Xavier's stepbrother. Juggernaut kind of acts like a bodyguard towards Magneto during the film. Also Juggernaut has some corny one liners. Juggernaut breaks through Xavier's mansion at one point during the film.

Pyro- Once Pyro joins the brotherhood he gets a wrist shark and some type of tank inside of his sweater to use his powers freely. He is trained a bit by Sunfire to learn to use his fire powers.

Pretty interesting read yes? Well, if you are still considering reading the email (above) but don't want to risk the chance of spoilers (if the details turn out to be true) then DON'T.

Remember, we have not confirmed any new details contained in the above scoop.

Update: Ha! Did you read this report close? Well, if you briefly scanned it to avoid spoilers or decided not to read it, I have got to mention a little bit that I somehow looked over the first time. According to the report, Colossus will be a bi-sexual. Hmmm, finding that this fact would be completely unnecessary for the film I am going to have to say let's deduct a few points from the 'validity' chart.

Update 2: Wow, it turns out that having Colossus as a bi-sexual may be correct. Thanks to a heads up from 'CVAngel' I took some time to further look into the report and discovered that Colossus's sexual tendencies are heavily debated for the Ultimate and 616 comics for X-Men.

Update 3: Image removed at the request of Fox.

There are avid fans who claim that Colossus is indeed out-of-the-closet and there are others who state that there is still no definite proof. Maybe Ratner compromised and made the character bi-sexual instead.

Silly goose!

X-Men 3 comes to theatres on May 26th.

For the teaser trailer, movie stills, character pics, poster, synopsis and movie info, go to the X-Men 3 Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of 20th Century Fox

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