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Killshot Script Review

Published January 9, 2006 in Movie Scripts
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of The Weinstein Company
Killshot Killshot
After posting the first official movie still for Killshot we have been waiting on any new development on the film. With the release date just a few months out, we had expected a teaser trailer released to the net by now; but we are still stuck with that single still.

Fortunately, the review of Killshot has not only been seen but a recent review has been posted online. Even without a trailer we are now being hinted that the film is 'really good.'

Killshot Script Review

The good people over at LatinoReview have recently posted a script review for the upcomign film Killshot starring Rosario Dawson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Thomas Jane, Johnny Knoxville, Diane Lane and Mickey Rourke.

Though the review is a bit confusing at times, the overall impression is that the script for Killshot is pretty mustard.

The characters were:

Carmen Colson - a housewife and real estate agent, described as 'beautiful and in her 40's'.
Wayne Colson - husband to Carmen, Ironworker and avid deer hunter, together they're a handsome couple. (Awwwww)
Armand 'The Blackbird' Degas - a half Indian/French Canadian hitman for a Detroit mafia
Richie Nix - a young brutal killer/criminal and sidekick to Armand
Donna - Richie's girl a former corrections officer, who was a bit 'too friendly with the inmates'

Don't get me wrong, the dialogue is very snappy. The characters are very realistic, as far as you know (some real hitman no-no's though). In the end, it's the wife that is the heroine, which is very cool. I, for one, am sick of seeing Kill Billybob type women who can 'kill in one stroke' - or break a mans jaw or some shit. Violence in movies has become so obfuscated that since it's not believable, it's not entertaining. The Carmen character is very cool, and there should be some wonderful moments captured on film. Overall, I think it is a text-book great script: it is very very well written. But... if you were to compare this script to a rock-n-roll band... it's the Black Crowes; a text-book band, with the long hair, the songs you can dance while holding a beer to, a lead singer with a wife he just shouldn't have (thank god she's annoying) all the right ingredients but just wrong. Somehow, just like the Black Crowes are not a great rock-n-roll band, this movie won't be either.

Alright, so the movie will be good but not great? Good as in getting second place in a race or good as in having to share your lottery prize with the person who threw in with you?

The script review dives into the details more in depth the more you read and should give you an overall impression of the film. Read the entire review at LatinoReview.

Killshot will come to theatres on March 17th.

For more movie info, go to the Killshot Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of The Weinstein Company

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