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X-Men 3 Discussions

Published January 5, 2006 in Movie Scoops
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of 20th Century Fox
X-Men 3 Teaser Poster X-Men 3 Teaser Poster
Since it has been some time since we have had any extremely cool updates for X-Men 3 we figured we would take a look at some the discussions going on for the film in our SCOOPS blog. As of right now, most are discussing details with 'erinjoy', who claims her boyfriend works on the set of X3. Here are some of the highlights...

Latest X-Men 3 Discussions

Will there be a showdown between juggernaut and colossus?

Yeah, it is juggernaut's punch that sends colossus across the screen. He fights a lot of the x-men crew, actually.

I didn't pay that close attention to the trailer, nor do I even know what Avalanche looks like (sorry...I'm not a die-hard fan like it seems a bunch of you are), but the word from on set is that Avalanche's part was scratched. His part was already minor anyway.

And Havok? Wow...I really don't go back and read my long-past written entries but I must've mentioned something of her before, or at least not about knowing much about her. Haven't heard much from on-set either. Dunno...

4 more days! You guys won't believe this but production almost made people come in 4 hrs after they sent people home a couple days ago! Um...that is kinda illegal! Thankfully they realized the mistake and adjusted the time by 3 more hrs. All I can say though is that everyone is getting tired out. And come Jan. 7, they all come back again. Reshoots are also scheduled for March 2006.

Does beast fight in X-Men 3.if so... who?

Does he fight? Of course! I don't know any mutant character in this film that doesn't fight at all. I have no clue what brotherhoods are...can you clue me in?

I know the beast stunt double personally, so yes, he does fight quite a bit and I am one of the priviledged few to see it rehearsed on film. Let's a nutshell, beast leaps out of a bunch of army men, swings around a pole sideways and knocks out guys, does a lot of flips when he attacks, does handstands and kicks one leg out sideways, quadrapeds (like a lion when it runs and its hind legs come in front of its front legs), and swipes at enemies kinda like a bear. His posture is kinda like a monkey with his arms out all the time and his back a little arched.

Kelsey Grammer is really the only actor that isn't doing his own stunts, although, I do have to admit I was proud when I heard he hung upside down last week from the wires. The beast double has been teaching me to do some of the tricks although I'm obviously nowhere near as good! It's still fun though learning the movement though.

Does Storm fight?

Storm fights callisto for sure. I don't want to say anymore because I'm really not 100%.

Put it this way though...yes, she does more fighting in this movie than in the first two movies combined. She also saves wolverine from getting stepped on (oh, wait...that is in the trailer, hey?)

Want to know something most people are probably not even aware of yet? Go back and watch the trailer when she spins in and grabs wolverine...there is a large box that crushes a car behind them but they actually made a mistake--in the movie it will be one of the mutant's feet crushing the car...not a box! Who is the really big mutant anyway? Is Juggernaut that big or would it be someone like the blob (his name is Phat in x3) or Colossus? Anyway, one of those three...I forget.

Like what you are hearing? Well, remember this information comes from users in our SCOOPS blog, so take it as you may. For all of the discussions on X-Men 3 and other films, head over to the blogs.

X-Men 3 comes to theatres on May 26th, 2006.

For the teaser trailer, movie stills, synopsis and further movie info, go to the X-Men 3 Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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