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Top Ten 2006 Films Updated

Published January 2, 2006 in Top Films
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of respective holders.
Superman Returns With the loss of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Superman Returns slides into the top position.
CanMag.Com updates its Top Ten most anticipated film multiple times daily. However, it takes a bit more time for us to remove films from their long-standing reign in the top ten. With 2006 in full gear we figured we would remove all of the released films (save one) and get ready for an incredible year.

Top Ten Films

The top ten most viewed films on CanMag.Com before the recent update were:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (420,000+ views)
Superman Returns (291,402 views)
X-Men 3 (247,350 views)
Underworld: Evolution (106,170)
Ghost Rider (89,445 views)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (86,118 views)
King Kong (82,338 views)
Spider-Man 3 (56,790 views)
DOOM (15,958 views)
Aeon Flux (34,644 views)

After watching the released films listed there are some out there that have already wrote in and complained about us having both DOOM and Aeon Flux in the Top Ten. Remember, we don't decide who goes in the top; our readers do. The Top Ten films is decided by how many times each movie page is opened by our readers.

There are obviously a bunch of sequels coming our way for 2006 that already have a bunch of hype surrounding. For the year of 2006, sequels and graphic novel adaptations should dominate the big movie news.

The top ten most viewed films on CanMag.Com after the recent update are:

Superman Returns (291,402 views)
X-Men 3 (247,350 views)
Underworld: Evolution (106,170)
Ghost Rider (89,445 views)
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (86,118 views)
King Kong (82,338 views)
Spider-Man 3 (56,790 views)
V for Vendetta (20,544 views)
Indiana Jones 4 (18,186 views)
The Da Vinci Code (15,582 views)

V for Vendetta V for Vendetta has pushed its way back to the Top Ten.
Just like Potter and Superman were before the update, the top two films (Superman Returns and X-Men 3) are seated comfortably in those positions. As the release of the Superman Returns approaches expect it to widen the gap between first and second.

Ghost Rider
would have snuck past Underworld: Evolution if Columbia Pictures would stop pushing back the release date for the film. However, you can't deny the fact that it must be nice to be in the Top Ten most anticipated when the film isn't even due out till 2007.

Pirates of the Caribbean is expected to shoot right by Ghost Rider during the winter/spring season and take a comfortable spot in fourth. After Underworld: Evolution hits theatres the next film update will push Pirates straight to third.

The removal of King Kong in the next Top Ten update will give some of the less visited films a chance to appear in the Top Ten. However, King Kong may have some strength to continue a box office streak for the next few weeks. After the King Kong hype winds down Peter Jackson is off to begin working on a Halo adaptation.

The real battle for position is going to occur among the bottom four films. Spider-Man 3 is another sequel that should remain popular even though the film won't be released until mid-2007. The same goes for Indiana Jones 4, a sequel that has had so many script delays that we now doubt any type of 2006 release. Add the fact that Spielberg is talking about doing other films now and we might not be able to see Ford back into full gear until he is wearing depend diapers. Each of these films position in the top ten will depend on the amount, and severity, of updates each film gets through out the year.

V for Vendetta is definitely a film we are going to have to watch. With a mixture of hype from the beginning it looks like the adaptation of the Alan Moore graphic novel may have caught a new wind. First we received some sweet looking posters for the film and then a bunch of EXTREMELY POSITIVE early reviews began to surface. If this type of hype keeps up V for Vendetta may be able to jump up a spot or at least put a comfortable lead on the bottom two.

The Da Vinci Code is yet another adaptation coming to theatres this year and the teaser trailer seems to show off one notable idea-- faithful. Everything about the film looks to be right on with the book, which is a solid relief to those that have read the original story written by Dan Brown. Though I have mentioned that Tom Hanks looks a bit strange as Professor Robert Langdon, I still dig the overall cast. Unless some mirace happens with Lucas and Spielberg, The Da Vinci Code should easily jump up above Indiana Jones IV.

Any possibility of another film jumping into the Top Ten? Of course! We are also curious to which film will have the Sin City effect this year in terms of popularity. Last year Sin City couldn't make the top ten until the release of the film's first trailer. The rise in popularity and position was monumental.

That's the new top 10! Agree or disagree with the most popular* films on CanMag.Com? Let us know!

Stay tuned for updates.

*popularity is judged by how many times each movie page has been opened.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of respective holders.

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