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Daniel Craig Talks Casino Royale

Published December 27, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros
Daniel Craig Daniel Craig is the new Bond.
One of the biggest questions that has recently sounded the next Bond film, Casino Royale, is who the heck is going to play the female opposite to Daniel Craig. After a few of the most-wanted ladies dropped off the list the last name to be mentioned was Jessica Simpson. Though some out there may be excited for this there are also many, such as I, who are hoping that this is not the case.

While keeping track of this mystery I recently stumbled upon a discussion between Daniel Craig and MTV. Though he doesn't mention anything about who he plans to fu... I mean co-star with... he does mention a few tidbits about the production.

Craig on Bond

Daniel Craig recently talked briefly with MTV and mentioned a few details on why Casino Royale will offer a different and, hopefully, better James Bond.

Daniel Craig one of 2005's most buzzed-about actors is making an end-of-the-year appearance in "Munich," but he's already transitioning to becoming the next James Bond for "Casino Royale," scheduled to shoot soon. And unlike typical Craig roles, the star said Bond is "never working class. ['Crash' writer] Paul Haggis has done a rewrite of the script and has written great dialogue. The lead girl part is fantastic, the characters are all fantastic. It's a Bond film. We're making a Bond movie first and foremost." Naming "From Russia With Love" as his favorite series installment, the 37-year-old star said although director Martin Campbell will be returning from "GoldenEye," the November '06 release (and 21st film in the series) will be unlike both those movies.

  "It's going to be very different from anything else ... it will have certain elements that will make it a Bond movie," including Ian Fleming source material, reportedly updated to change Bond's game of baccarat into the trendier Texas Hold 'Em. "The cars are newer too," Craig laughed. "There's a lot of similarities with the book but yes, of course it's been updated. It has to be. It's a suspension of disbelief that we're renewing Bond, and that this is the first time you see him." Finally, he admitted, "Yes, I could fail miserably, but maybe I can do something that's different and make the franchise last another 30 years as opposed to another three." Either way, he'll get to play with some cool toys and drink a lot of martinis. "I do that anyway," he grinned. ...

After watching the very slick Daniel Craig play the role of drug businessman in Layer Cake I figure he can easily handle the role of a blonde-headed Bond.

For the entire report, head over to MTV.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros

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