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Hollywood Round-Up II 12-20

Published December 20, 2005 in Movie News
By Eric Giordmaina | Re-compiled by Ryan Parsons, Image from Amazon
The Alchemist Purchase The Alchemist at Amazon
Here is a segment of small updates, rumors and reports sent in by our very own Eric Giordmaina for December 20th.

Fishburne is The Alchemist

That's right. If you have yet to read The Alchemist (it is a short book), you better head on over to Amazon and purchase it right away. Though a film will allow the story to be brought to even more people, I am not exactly sure how well it can be adapted to film. According to the report, the traveler will be played by Laurence Fishburne, but wasn't the character only a teenage boy in the book?

Laurence Fishburne will direct and star in The Alchemist.

According to Production Weekly, Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix) will direct and star in an adaptation of The Alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho.

Fishburne plays the part of a Santiago, a well educated man who had his sights on being a priest. - Donít we all. - But his love for travelling points him to a career as a sheppard instead. On his travels, he has a re-occurring dream about a hidden treasure. A seer tells him to the pyramids in Egypt and there he will find his treasure.

Filming will begin next year in Dubai and Jordan.

Rocky Balboa Production Video #1

I guess we should have figured that we are going to see more and more studios and films start using the latest and greatest in internet marketing-- video diaries. However, one film I had not expected to see use them was Rocky Balboa. The video is pretty cool and serves as an introduction for things to come.

The official site for Rocky Balboa has gone live and with it comes the first production diary video. Here you see Sly walking through the final fight and a costume test at the very end.

Sony has also pushed the film back to 02/09/07 to help build the hype over a 12 month period.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Eric Giordmaina
Sources: Re-compiled by Ryan Parsons, Image from Amazon

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