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Halo has Officially Turned to Hell

Published December 9, 2005 in Movie News
By Eric Giordmaina | Image property of Dimension
Guillermo del Toro Guillermo del Toro
What we had once thought was only a rumor, directo Guillermo del Toro has confirmed that he may have a part to play in the upcoming adaptation of the best-selling video game Halo.

Guillermo del Tor to Direct Halo?

Empire Online have reported the rumors are true - Peter Jackson has approached Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro about taking on the video game adaptation. However, if Hellboy 2 gets the green light (pending the movies budget) Halo may go to another director. (I can only hope!)

"We're budgeting," del Toro added. "I'm very much looking forward to it. I wanna do it. It's still on the front burner, but it's all about budget…..It's going really good. It's about the fairy world and the mythical creatures all rebelling against humanity and saying it's the end of mankind and it's the season for the sons of the Earth. And basically Hellboy has to try to repress or suppress that rebellion."

When asked about the rumours on his talks with Jackson, del Toro stated that, "'Halo' is very much an interesting project because it’s so full of monsters. It's a big temptation. I'm in talks with them [Universal and Bungie Films] and Peter, but it's not true that it's on and Hellboy's off. Hellboy's on. If everything goes as planned, Hellboy will go. The ideal for me would be to do 'Hellboy 2' and if 'Halo' doesn't go away, then yeah, I'd love to do both. But it may go to somebody else. We'll see."

Stay tuned for updates.

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Eric Giordmaina
Sources: Image property of Dimension

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