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The Future for Rodriguez

Published December 8, 2005 in Movie News
By Eric Giordmaina | Image property of Dimension
Robert Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez with Antonio Banderas on the set of Spy Kids 2
DVDFanatic spoke with director Robert Rodriguez who answered some questions on his upcoming projects.

Rodriguez Projects

Sin City 2
“Frank Miller is busy adding on to the storyline of DAME TO KILL FOR. That would be the next Sin City movie. As for a TV Series, I think that was just Miramax talk. We haven’t' discussed actually doing that. What I like about DAME TO KILL FOR is that it has a lot of characters from SIN CITY in it... Marv is still alive, Dwight doesnt have his new face yet, Gail is in it, Goldie AND Wendy are in it as twin sisters... Miho... new characters as well. it felt like if we could expand on that story and make it bigger overall, that'd be our best choice for a sequel.”

Desperado 3
“It was always supposed to be just a trilogy, but Antonio [Banderas] and I joke about doing one maybe in 30 years, when the mariachi is older and more, uh.. rotund. that could be really fun.”

Grind House
“We officially start end of January, but I sometimes get ahead of myself and start shooting stuff anyway. I had some actors come down and we shot 3 days of tests that will end up being in the movie. I was testing cameras, and thought we might as well be productive and shoot something useable. It’s going to be a really fun movie. Quentin is very into it, also”.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Eric Giordmaina
Sources: Image property of Dimension

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