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Halo Director Found?

Published December 2, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Microsoft
Halo Master Chief is ready to kick our asses.
If you have read the script review for the upcoming video game adaptation Halo, then you know this film is most likely going to be the cat's pajamas. With all the biggest hitters and budgets behind the film, the solid script would have an even larger impact when it came time for filming. However, the crew of Halo is still in the process of recruitment, which leaves a lot of questions about the possibilities for the film open.

Our excitement skyrocketed when we heard that Peter Jackson, coming off of King Kong, would move in to produce Halo. By doing so, we figured that there was a likelihood that Jackson would opt to direct as well. However, the latest rumor states otherwise, with a possible director that we didn't even consider.

Halo Director

When the search for a director of Halo began, we announced our thoughts on the matter-- let Peter Jackson handle it or bring in James Cameron. However, according to a report from IESB, it looks like the man behind Hellboy may also be the man behind the camera of Halo.

Today during the junket for King Kong in New York an interesting story started to develop. After weeks of speculation one possible director for Halo is none other than Latino filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro. The word on the street is that he is currently in negotiations with Peter Jackson to direct the larger than life movie adaptation of the best selling video game.

If Peter does hire Del Toro that would force a delay on the upcoming sequel to Hellboy whose first draft script was turned in recently to the studio.

Though Del Toro wouldn't have been my obvious first choice, the guy does have the ability to make a faithful adaptation with the type of support that has already gathered around this film. After the director is found the next question will move onto the main character-- Who will play Master Chief?

Check out the entire scoop over at IESB.

Halo will come to theatres some time near summer in 2007.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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