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Halo Script Review!

Published November 7, 2005 in Movie Scripts
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Microsoft
Halo Master Chief is ready to kick our asses.
To say that Halo was revolutionary for console gaming would be an understatement. However, to say that Halo may just become the first uber-successful video game adaptation, now that is something that can take moviegoers [and gamers] into another realm... or should I say universe?

However, let's take a look at why we are so excited about Halo.

First, I play Halo 2 on X-Box Live and have to figure that I have emotionally scarred more than a few small children with verbal insults and shit-talking.

Second, everything about this game has elements that can bring in some of the biggest hitters in Hollywood.

Third, the script for Halo now has an entire story itself. Alex Garland was originally given a whopping $1 million to adapt the game to an 'acceptable' screenplay. Upon completion, the screenplay was sold to Universal and Fox for $5 million plus 10% royalties. Just by the quick purchase of the script, there were plenty of gamers already assuming the best.

Fourth, Peter Jackson is going to sit in the Halo chair labeled 'executive producer'; something that could mean he may direct as well. If he doesn't direct, there are some, including us, that are screaming for Ridley Scott or James Cameron. Whoever it is, we can only assume that the Microsoft - Bungie - Fox - Universal team will make the BEST option.

Fifth, the script review over at LatinoReview is so boner-ific that X-Box Live may soon find itself with even more subscribers rocking and talking Halo. How good do they claim the script is? Five out of five good!

Halo Script Review

The script review for Halo makes the film sound nothing short of INCREDIBLE! Though the review only covers the first couple of acts for the film, there is enough bloody action in this film to cover the length of multiple films. What kind of action? How about Saving Private Ryan meets gaming!

The question: Is the script any good? My answer?

Hell yeah, baby! This script rocks man. The script is so damn good and entertaining that I read it more than once. A tour de force. The clowns at the other studios who passed on this are gonna lose their jobs when this movie comes out and opens huge. Whoever at the other studios thought that this script wasn’t up to snuff can kiss my ass. Idiots. You think Peter Jackson is going to get involved with a property if the script royally sucked?! I think not.

Halo is a balls to the wall unapologetic, ruthlessly ultra-violent war movie – and it’s cool as hell, man. How violent is it? It’s the Saving Private Ryan of video game movies. We got headshots, bodies being cut in half by the swords of the Stealth Elite. We see what kind of damage plasma grenades can do and yes we get to see the horror of flood infection vessels – heads snapping back and torsos exploding.

We cut back to MC’s dream and we are back under the blood-red twin suns and close quarters combat with the Covenant. MC seems to be alone in this fight. The last of the Spartans. He fires into faces and chests of the Covenant troops at near point blank range. He is completed surrounded by the aliens. Under his feet are tangled carpets of bodies. The image whites out and fades back in to the Cyro-Storage chamber. MC wakes up. Two Cyro engineers are in awe of him. One of them is like Holy Christ, would you look at the size of it. His buddy tells him there’s a man in there. The door to the Cyro-Storage chamber cracks its seal, and then rises open. The Spartan lunges forwards, reflexively, snapped into consciousness. The two engineers jump back. MC reaches out to place a hand either side of the Cyro-Chamber, then steps out. He takes a moment as he surveys his surroundings. Looks to the left, then his right. Then down at the two men. He towers over them and they seem to shrink under the blank gaze of his visor as he speaks his first words on page 10 of this script. “What are my orders?” Now that is dialogue. That is cool. You don’t even have to be a fan of the game to know that in movie talk, those 4 words speak volumes about his character and what he does. A guy who gets the job done. That is the dialogue of a shit kicker who does what he does and the following is an example.

What are my orders!? Oh my God! I almost pissed myself when I read those lines.

If you read the entire script review for Halo you will also notice how closely the film should follow each act of the original X-Box game.

Do yourself a favor... read the entire script review at LatinoReview.

Halo will come to theatres some time near summer in 2007.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Microsoft

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