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X-Men 3 Mailbag

Published October 13, 2005 in Movie Scoops
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of 20th Century Fox
X-Men 3 Teaser Poster X-Men 3 teaser poster
So tired... the incoming email concerning the X-Men 3 scoops has been backing up my ability to work and my ability to, well, read more important messages. Though I have replied to most with the exact same answers, it just doesn't seem like the word is getting out. So, for those of you who have been watching our Scoops Blog intently for the past few weeks, here are some answers to questions you might have.

Latest X-Men 3 Discussions

1. We have never been in direct contact with 'Divided', the main source of the X-Men 3 Scoops. So no, there is no way we could tell you how to contact him directly and ask him more direct questions. If we had his contact info we still wouldn't tell anybody. End of story.

2. When we first began to receive information on X-Men 3 we sent word to various contacts and attempted to verify information that was being posted. However, there is now so much information being posted about X-Men 3 on the Blogs page that we have given up and instead let those who view our blogs enjoy the information, be it true or false. If it does turn out to be false, then we currently have a ton of fan fiction in our blogs. However, we leave it up to you to make your own judgments. End of story.

3. If we ever write articles based on the information posted in the Blogs, we make sure to point that out. We will also point out the facts we confirmed and the facts we hadn't. We will never tell you that the fact is true unless we have multiple confirmations saying it is. End of story.

4. If you visit the Scoops section and do NOT like what you are reading, please do not attack those asking questions or 'Divided' himself. If you have doubts, ask questions that may help you confirm your own suspicions. Attacking a person does absolutely nothing. End of story.

5. I have been asked repeatedly why we allow such anonymous posts on the Scoops section of our blog. Answer: because we want to keep it anonymous! If 'Divided' posts are in fact false, I got to throw a word of credit to the guy for spending some time and the imagination to create some cool screenplay moments and one effen cool trailer description. If the actual trailer that 20th Century Fox releases for X-Men 3 is not as cool as his description, maybe they should pick his ass up. End of story? Why not.

6. This last bit is slightly humorous. We have been waiting for October 21st as the key indicator to whether the trailer description posted by 'Divided' was true. The only problem now is that he has also mentioned that 20th Century Fox may actually be pushing that trailer back and using a less detailed trailer instead. However, last I checked, he still seemed to favor the version his trailer description covered. So, that date isn't the indicator is once was. Not even close to the end of story.

7. Last bit. We do receive a lot of email still from people who claim to have the 'inside' on what 'Divided' is posting. All of the emails point out with details they disagree with and details they can confirm. At this point, that does exactly nothing for us.

Again: Even if 'Divided' does turn out to be false, fake or 'a strategy by 20th Century Fox to throw us off,' I have to admit that his posts are pretty fun to read and do throw him further credit for an expanded imagination, a lot of free time or a solid relationship with Fox.

There, I think that just about answers a majority of the questions we have had thrown at us lately. Hope this helps ease the frustrations, questions, complaints of all you readers out there. If you are part of a forum [most our email comes from forum members], please tell them the same shit I just posted.

If the posts do turn out to be fake, maybe we will just celebrate by giving away some free X-Men merchandise or something. Sound like a plan?

For movie movie info, go to the X-Men 3 Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of 20th Century Fox

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