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McCarthy has Dirty Love

Published September 22, 2005 in Movie Trailers
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of First Look Pictures
I just don't know about this one. Though I would normally be jumping out of my chair for some free T&A, I don't know if I can sit through 90-minutes of it. With a script written by the repeatedly ex-playmate Jenny McCarthy, Dirty Love looks like an American Pie written from the side of hot women. Sure, this sounds like a good thing, but it also has Carmen Electra trying to be ghetto.

Dirty Love Clip

One may never be so confused over such a senseless film. Dirty Love is a romance comedy without much of the romance. In its place lies gratuitous humor, which can be an excellent perk for the males and lesbians out there.

Sometimes a girl has to get a little down and dirty before she can find pure love. In the slapstick comedy, Dirty Love, Jennifer McCarthy is gorgeous, goofy, and gross all at once in this hilarious take on one woman's chaotic quest for true love. It's a knowing, funny, trashy, guilty pleasure, in the spirit of Porky's and National Lampoon, only this time, it's through the eyes of one of America's cover girls: Jenny McCarthy. Rebecca (Jenny) is devastated when she comes home one night and finds Richard (Victor Webster), her supermodel boyfriend, engaged in sexual acrobatics with another woman in their bed. To mend her broken heart, she takes a strange and wild trip of funny sexual encounters that includes putting basses in asses and pulling hanker-chiefs out.

Dirty Love Dirty Love

Dirty Love There are T&A alerts all over Dirty Love

To be honest, I can go either way with this film. Either my perverted side will join the ranks of Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra and help me enjoy the film from beginning to end, or my straight-up moviegoer side will stomp this movie right out. Considering that Dirty Love is strictly a limited release, I may just have to wait till the film arrives on DVD.

To watch the trailer for Dirty Love, click on either of the two images above.

Dirty Love comes to theatres tomorrow, September 23rd.

For more clips, extended preview, movie info and synopsis, go to the Dirty Love Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of First Look Pictures

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