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Naked Anne Trailer

Published September 10, 2005 in Movie Trailers
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of New Line Cinema
Havoc Havoc
Only a week or two ago we reported that Havoc, yes the same Havoc that features an entirely nude Anne Hathaway, was coming to DVD. Though we are still unsure if 'unrated' actually means unrated in all of the film's anticipated glory, we still can't help feeling a little gitty about this Disney princess showing off her, well, dark side where the sun don't shine.

Havoc Trailer

I'll admit, I have always thought of Havoc as that cheesy film that just has a few perks, and I do mean perks, that all revolve around a clothing-free Hathaway. However, after watching this trailer for Havoc I do have to say that the film actually looks OK, even if the premise is slightly strange.

The gist of the story covers a few 'priviledged' girls who want to do something rebellious. They decide they should go to the rough part of town and party with some gang-bangers. Obviously, this decision has its repercussions including a naked Anne Hathaway; somewhere Walt Disney is rolling in his grave.

To watch the trailer for Havoc, click the poster or the image below.

Watch the trailer for Havoc by clicking HERE.

In a report released by New Line Cinema, reposted by Joblo, they had these important facts to say about the upcoming Havoc DVD.
  • New Line Cinema is bypassing theatres and is instead going straight to DVD.
  • Havoc gets released to DVD on November 29th.
  • Havoc will come in two formats. An R-rated version that is 86 minutes and an "unrated" version that is 94 minutes.
  • Both versions will be priced the same amount.
  • Amazon is not hosting the DVD for pre-orders yet, but they should.
As I have said before, for November 18th [Goblet of Fire] I will be wearing my giant geek cap but immediately after I will switch gears and throw my pervert cap back into effect for Havoc.

Stay tuned for updates. Just for laughs, check out how I am going to look after watching Havoc.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of New Line Cinema

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