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The Lord of Clips

Published August 31, 2005 in Movie Clips
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Lions Gate Films
Lord of War Nicolas Cage and Jared Leto in Lord of War.
Though the upcoming film Lord of War is based on a subject that some may consider unnerving or depressing, there is just something so damn cool about it. Starring Nicolas Cage, Jared Leto, Bridget Moynahan, Ethan Hawke and Ian Holm, the film takes an interesting look at international arms dealing.

Lord of War Clips and Spots

Lions Gate Films has recently released four new TV spots for Lord of War. Each spot is only a little different from all the rest, with a ton of attention being spent on the guy who asks for the gun from Rambo. If you think I am exaggerating check out the spots themselves and watch three of the four end on this joke. What happened to one of the four? Well, they play the Rambo gun joke somewhere near the beginning of this one.

To check out the new TV spots for Lord of War, click on the image above or the movie page link below.

If these spots aren't enough to satisfy your arms dealing appetite, check out the two new clips below.

Though the TV spots weren't much to impress me on Lord of War, the two clips hosted over at IFILM were. Each clip shows off this film's style, which is sleek and extremely cool to no end. I also like how they really do have Cage narrating through portions of the film, a cool aspect I thought was only limited to the trailer. Lesson learned? Don't get shot with your own merchandise but, if you do, better party it up with some available blow.

To watch the two new clips for Lord of War, head over to IFilm.

Lord of War comes to theatres on September 16th.

For the trailer, movie poster, movie info and synopsis, go to the Lord of War Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Lions Gate Films

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