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Indy 4 Plot Info!

Published August 31, 2005 in Movie Rumors
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of 20th Century Fox
Indiana Jones Indiana Jones
Since two of the three previous Indiana Jones films have dealt with Christian artifacts, it should come as no surprise that Indiana Jones 4 will also contain something biblical. But what would Lucas try to cover and explore this time?

Indy 4 Likes Adam and Eve

In an anonymous report sent in to theindyexperience, a person claiming to be from ILM had this to say about the Indiana Jones 4 plot:

Hi, I am 33 and I work for Industrial Light and Magic at Skywalker Ranch. Lucas himself came to check on at stuff while he gave a colleague of mine a discussion. I asked him what it was he said that he will show me. He gave me a book full of paragraphs, it looked like a screenplay. It said Indy 4 on it. Mr. Lucas doesent even want to tell us what the working title is but i got the plot. Its Indy in his 50's, and all I can tell you it concerns Adam and Eve. We were showing Mr. Lucas digital images of the volcanoes and biblical opinions to hell.

Even though the idea of Indiana Jones taking a look at Adam, Eve, Heaven and Hell, I find it hard to imagine that Lucas would just hand over the script if some one were to ask him for it. My second issue is that this post somewhat gives the scooper away, allowing Lucas to just think of who he has given the script to in a way mentioned above. 'Step into my office, you're effen fired!' But hey, maybe Lucas really trusts ILM staff or even wants these details to get out... test the waters a bit.

You can check out the whole report on the Indiana Jones 4 plot over at theindyexperience.

Indiana Jones 4 still has an expected release date of summer 2006, but lets wait and see how long this script takes.

For the latest headlines, rumors, details and movie info, go to the Indiana Jones 4 Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of 20th Century Fox

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