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Iceman and Kitty Pryde Pop Up

Published August 30, 2005 in Movie Pics
By Ryan Parsons | Image from HNR
X-Men 3 Set Pics Kitty Pryde and Bobby Drake
Since there has been so much discussion lately on current X-Men 3 rumors I figured that this update was worthy enough for our viewers. Though we have yet to see Kelsey Grammer as Beast, we now have a couple set pictures of Bobby Drake and Kitty Pryde posted online.

X-Men 3 Set Pics

There are so many cool new characters to X-Men film series [thanks to the latest additions] that I am surprised that we couldn't do better than what we got; especially since multiple reports have popped up claiming to have seen Beast. Not to knock Iceman though, who I am sure will have plenty of chances in this film to finally be a little cooler with his powers. All through X2 I wanted to shout 'get laid on your own time'... unless the film is rated R of course.

Anywho, the good people over at HNR have gotten their hands on a few new X-Men 3 set pics including the one above, so feel free to head over there and check them out before their page gets shut down again.

Other than the new set pics, we are still receiving small reports from time to time that either support or claim about the recent scoop we received on the X-Men 3 script. If you have yet to read this report, you can do so by clicking here.

X-Men 3 comes to theatres on May 5th, 2006.

For other headlines, movie info and rumors, go to the X-Men 3 Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from HNR

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