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Havoc Comes to DVD!

Published August 29, 2005 in DVD News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of New Line Cinema
Havoc Havoc
Perverts unite! After desperately searching the net for any sign of the film Havoc, it looks like most of us guys finally have a DVD to truly celebrate. Havoc stars an Anne Hathaway rocking the full monty and playing with, well, something nice. The film is supposedly about "an edgy look at a group of rich teens who, so bored with their privileged existences, adopt an urban street lifestyle", but most can only hear "Anne Hathaway naked." And why not?

Naked Hathaway Comes to DVD

We posted our original article on Havoc all the way back in October and the page still gets tons of hits. Every male moviebuff on the net, perverts included, have at one time or another searched the phrase 'havoc naked' or 'anne hathaway naked'. Not that this is a bad thing, considering what this girl was willing to do for this film. However, I am pretty sure [I tested this] that there is no site on the net that features some graphic movie stills from this film. Haven't heard what to expect? Well, just about everything from her touching others to touching herself goes in this Caligula-ish film [exaggeration].

In a report released by New Line Cinema, reposted by Joblo, they had these important facts to say about the upcoming Havoc DVD.
  • New Line Cinema is bypassing theatres and is instead going straight to DVD.
  • Havoc gets released to DVD on November 29th.
  • Havoc will come in two formats. An R-rated version that is 86 minutes and an "unrated" version that is 94 minutes.
  • Both versions will be priced the same amount.
  • Amazon is not hosting the DVD for pre-orders yet, but they should.
It was first reported that all the 'hardcore' nakedness was going to be cut before any DVD release of Havoc. However, now that we have an "unrated" version, we may be able to see Anne Hathaway in all her glory. But what this means is that I can put on my geek cap on November 18th for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and then quickly rotate that back into my pervert cap. Ahh, sweet bliss in November.

Stay tuned for updates. Just for laughs, check out how I am going to look after watching Havoc.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of New Line Cinema

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