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Oh Those X-Men 3 Scoops

Published August 25, 2005 in Movie Rumors
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Marvel
X-Men 3: Beast Beast has been spotted
At the beginning of this week we posted a scoop for the upcoming film X-Men 3 that was sent over to us. You can read the extremely spoilerific scoop here or just take my word that, according to the report, three main characters die in the film. However, the scoop goes even further by naming who dies. Immediately after we posted this scoop we received a ton of emails either asking more questions about X-Men 3 or attempted to confirm or discredit the report. Well, after talking to a bunch of different people here is the latest...

X-Men 3 Plot Info and Scoops

Actually, before we begin I just want to post that SHH received a set report from a student who was able to give a description of what Kelsey Grammer looks like as the beast. A snippet from this report is below:

I also had the luck of literally walking into Kelsey Grammer with his Beast head on, T-Shirt and shorts...I was going up the driveway to my car and he was coming down to the castle...The Beast is awwwwwesome!...I didn't recognize him because I was so astonished with the face...I told him he was "looking good" and then recognized his voice when he said thanks. The face is jet black and huge and builds up on his squarish features. Just at the side the skin turns a deep blue with a solid line running down the side so his ears are blue and his neck and shoulders.

X-Men 3 Plot Info

Now that Beast is behind me, let me just say that an overwhelming majority of 'trustworthy' sources have admitted that the scoop we posted earlier on the deaths in X-Men 3 are correct. These confirmations have come from people who have worked on set, had/have a smaller role in the film and agents. However, don't be too disappointed by the deaths yet, as it is very possible that some of the characters may return thanks to the abilities of Phoenix, who can resurrect the dead depending on various conditions [thanks to 'serge' for heads up on that].

To further add to our curiosity for X-Men 3, we received an alert from 'The Manageress', who had this to say on our latest X-Men 3 scoop:

Firstly (I saw your "X-Men 3" scoop... and I can confirm that some of the information revealed - is true. Patrick Stewart's [highlight to read the name] character does die, but I believe it isn't THE end of him - he'd return, in some shape of form, if another sequel were to happen. Want another little bit on that? the original director [Matthew Vaughn] didn't "leave", he was "pushed" because his ideas were too radical).

Firstly, she does question what multiple emails had done-- the ability for one of the major characters to return in either the same or somewhat different role. To read the name of the character/actor, highlight the blank area in the post above.

Matthew Vaughn Didn't Leave, He Was Booted

Besides offering a very applicable theory, 'The Manageress' also goes on to suggest that Matthew Vaughn did not leave the X-Men 3 director's chair to stay close to his family [as previously announced]. Instead, Matthew Vaughn was rather asked/forced to leave the production crew. I can find this excuse more understandable, as with the type of involvement he had on the film, though short it was, I was shocked to see he would have given up on it so quickly for such a petty excuse. I have now also checked around on this scoop and have also had a few confirmations that admit there was a lot more going on with Matthew Vaughn and Fox that was let on; with 'radical' ideas as a close assumption.

X-Men 3 Not the Last X-Men

In the last report I had mentioned that Halle Berry claimed that X-Men 3 was the grand finale of the film series. However, I also have received a few emails from readers claiming two things-- 1) It has been suggested that 20th Century Fox will continue with the films, but may draw on different characters from the version set up by Bryan Singer. 2) There are just going to be more X-Men films, as Avi Arad says it is so. Thanks to 'hlo', 'spike' and 'jimbo' for the info.

That is the latest from the X-Men 3 front and, if you haven't already read the original scoop, feel free to read it here.

For movie movie info, go to the X-Men 3 Movie Page.

Thanks to everybody that wrote in or responded to my emails.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Marvel

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