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First Official King Kong Cover

Published August 23, 2005 in Movie Pics
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Empire Magazine
It has been a while since we have received any new updates on the upcoming Peter Jackson project King Kong. Though I assumed the next update that would come our way would be a teaser poster for the film [where the hell is it?], I guess this 'First Official King Kong Cover' is the next best thing.

King Kong Cover

The good people over at Empire Online have recently posted the cover to their next magazine issue. Who crowds the page? Nobody other than King Kong of course.

The intriguing image offers the first glimpse of director Peter Jackson's take on the original movie's famous climax atop the Empire State Building and also offers the first real insight into the relationship between Naomi Watts' Ann Darrow and the big ape.

Even more significantly for Empire, it is our first cover to be created entirely inside a computer, with the photo-realistic image specially rendered for us by the wizards at Weta.

King Kong Cover King Kong cover for Empire

For a larger version of the King Kong cover above, head over to Empire Online. Now my only question is that if Weta can quickly render this image for the cover of Empire, how the heck do we not have a movie poster yet? Just give us something, the simplest of teasers.

King Kong gets his lady on December 14th.

For the teaser trailer, movie stills, clips, movie info and synopsis, go to the King Kong Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Empire Magazine

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