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Pop The 40 Year-Old Virgin

Published August 21, 2005 in Movie Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of Universal Pictures
The 40 Year Old Virgin Poster Steve Carell is The 40 Year-Old Virgin
Remaining a virgin post college years is nothing short of a feat, remaining one till you turn forty is nothing short of sad. Here we meet Andy Stitzer [Steve Carell], a guy who would rather play Halo, paint miniatures and collect unopened toys, even one of The Million Dollar Man's boss, instead of try his chances with the ladies. Unfortunately for Andy, he hasn't had the best luck with sexual encounters during his younger years; encounters that still haunt him till this day.

To make matters even worse, his co-workers, soon to be friends, have recently discovered that instead of being a serial killer, Andy Stitzer is a virgin at 26, wait, 40.

The 40 Year-Old Virgin Review

In The 40 Year-Old Virgin we meet Andy Stitzer played by the lovable Steve Carell. Having found huge success in a supporting role for comedies such as Anchorman, Carell has now been given the final test to star in his own film-- The 40 Year-Old Virgin. With Judd Apatow at the helm, this R-rated comedy does have its moments of laughter but also reminds us of why buddy-comedies do so well; ala Wedding Crashers.

The premise to The 40 Year-Old Virgin is simple-- it is time to get Andy Stitzer off the 'V' boat with the help of his new friends from work. These friends include David [Paul Rudd], Jay [Romany Malco] and Cal [Seth Rogen], who are all desperately trying to get Andy laid. Though Andy does learn a few tricks of the trade from these guys, it is Trish [Catherine Keener] who captures virginity gold. Owning a shop right across from where Andy works, she becomes the head of his aspirations and another reason why he simply can't get 'laid.'

The 40 Year Old Virgin Poster Steve Carell and Elizabeth Banks
Because of Andy's attraction to Trish, The 40 Year-Old Virgin shows a more sensitive side and even gives a reason why anybody would wait that long to pop the big one. It is just whether Trish can hold out for insecure, boner toting, Andy to grow comfortable enough with her to let her into his most deepest secret.

Judd Apatow allows The 40 Year-Old Virgin to have such a build-up that, by the end of the film, most gentlemen in the theatre can probably complain of blue balls. The film also ends with an orgasmic explosion of song and dance, which is light hearted and amusing. However, the number one problem about the film is the fact that Steve Carell is the sole beacon of character and comedy. Sure, we have his friends who contain every guy stereotype in the book, but they only add into the humor, with all focus placed on Carell.

It is easy to get tired of Andy Stitzer and the I'm-a-virgin humor; the two largest elements to the film. What Judd Apatow needed to do was create another comedic character to play directly along side Carell, to give him something to play off of. The reason Wedding Crashers worked is that we had two different comedic personalities [Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson] join on and play off one another. Steve Carell had nobody to do this with, making him seem very alone. Add the fact that Andy Stitzer is not some one you'd want to hang with all the time and now you found the problem.

Though Wedding Crashers is still the best comedy of the summer, The 40 Year-Old Virgin is deserving of a theatre visit for those who have just been craving an R-rated film similar to American Pie. However, I thought American Pie was better too.


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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of Universal Pictures

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