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Disney's Valiant Not Cutting It

Published August 19, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Disney
Valiant Valiant
Though this probably won't come as a suprise to many, it turns out that Disney's first CG animated film without Pixar, Valiant, just proves how much Disney actually needs Pixar. Sorry for the full circle sentence, but it couldn't be more true. Opening under negative reviews, Valiant will join the few CG animated films that don't have what it takes to dominate a box office.

Valiant Reviews

I guess we can at least call Valiant a, uhh, valiant attempt by Disney to move forward without the aid of Pixar. But lets face it, Pixar knew how to create great films. Films that were wonderfully 'drawn', featured great stories and, best yet, had enough adult humor to capture the entire movie-going market. Now here comes Disney, a studio that seemingly has forgotten what it means to make classic animations. Dang, I really wanted Valiant to be great; if only for the sake of Ewan McGregor. Check out some of the early reviews for Valiant below:

It probably sounded like a good idea to do a loopy animated movie that would be a takeoff on all the British films about intrepid World War II fliers, with lovable homing pigeons (actually used by the Brits during the war) replacing the human pilots. (In the planning stages it must have seemed like a brilliantly-conceived follow-up to “Chicken Run,” which took “The Great Escape” as its model.) Unfortunately, a number of things conspire to make “Valiant”--the title character is the pint-sized bird, derided when he joins the squad, that becomes a hero--an almost complete misfire. The story is blandly formulaic, the humor heavy-handed (limited mostly to birds falling down or slamming into things), the characters colorless bores, and the animation--apart from a few flying sequences--simply unattractive.

USA Today
Pigeons are known primarily for defacing statues of historical figures — but also for the airborne valor they displayed transporting tactical messages during World War II. This subject is one that the animated Valiant can't even get off the ground.

While this news may disappoint some families looking for a film to see this weekend, there is always March of the Penguins. For us adults, we have got two films to look forward to this weekend- The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Red Eye.

For the trailers, movie stills, clips, movie info and synopsis, go to the Valiant Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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