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Rodriguez Talks Sin City 2

Published August 18, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Dimension
Sin City Sin City 2 will spend a good proportion of the film on Dwight [Clive Owen]
Now that Sin City has hit the DVD shelves and should be selling like hot cakes, Robert Rodriguez has begun to talk about the upcoming sequel to Sin City, Sin City 2. Actually, Rodriguez is still trying to promote the DVDs, but how can anyone resist jumping forward a bit?

Sin City 2 Talk

The good people over at LatinoReview were able to catch up to Robert Rodriguez and get him to spill a few words about his upcoming sequel Sin City 2. Check out a bit of the sinful talk below:

Is the green screen style the way you will shoot Sin City 2?

Robert Rodriguez: Probably, I’d probably do ‘em all in green screen. We did a bar set, a lot of stuff in a bar, but you couldn’t get the same look, yeah; the look would be so stylized even more probably in the second one then we’d want to shoot it. We’d have to shoot it green screen.

Are you writing your scripts separately?

Robert Rodriguez: Well, yeah, because they’re two separate movies. He reads out his stuff and acts it out and I tell him stuff that I do. But I’ve got one of the best characters in mind, so it’s so cool! They’re two separate movies, but it’s like seeing a double feature

Were any of the actors surprised at the end result?

Robert Rodriguez: Oh, they all were, when they saw it, they were like ‘Wow, when did that happen, when were we there? I shot it so fast; I hardly remember even doing it. Benicio [Del Toro] was there four days, Brittany [Murphy] was there one day, Jaime King was there a day and a half. Bruce [Willis] was there ten days; it was very quick.

Just a brief note on the Sin City DVD-- the opening menu rocks. Robert Rodriguez gives a small taste of how the scenes from the film perfectly mirror the drawings from Frank Miller's graphic novels.

For the entire interview with Frank Miller on the Sin City DVD and Sin City 2, head over to LatinoReview.

For the trailers, movie stills, review and synopsis, go to the Sin City Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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