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EW's Fall Movie Preview: September

Published August 13, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image from EW
Serenity The crew of Serenity on EW
I have just finished reading the impressive coverage Entertainment Weekly has on the upcoming fall movies. Now, I am sure that most people don't regard fall in the highest esteem with school back in session and the beginning of cloud cover [which is great for us], but wait until you see this impressive list of films coming our way that should help get us to Christmas with a bang.

September Movie Preview Highlights

Below is a list of some of the highly anticipated films mentioned by EW for September releases and highlights from each report:


If you have seen the trailer for Flightplan, starring Jodie Foster, Sean Bean and Peter Sarsgaard, you can probably guess that this film should be one hell of a thriller. Returning to film after 2002's Panic Room, Foster admits that she does not do movies just to do them or only for the money. It was the script of Flightplan that caught Foster's attention and convinced her that maybe it was time to step back in front of the camera. The script tells the story of a mother who suddenly loses her daughter mid-flight. Though this idea does seem interesting, the script is actually the result of a number of edits and re-writes. The original story told of terrorists taking over a plane on the way to New York, with a bunch of side stories mixed in. The story of a daughter vanishing just happened to be one of these, with a male [father] protagonist who must decide if he is losing his mind or if he really did have a child on board. Obviously, this side-story has now become the major gist of the film, but with a mother as the protagonist.

The Corpse Bride

The Corpse Bride was thrown a $40M budget from Warner Bros. The film follows under the category of 'stop-motion puppetry,' a film medium that would be dead if it wasn't for Tim Burton. Considering that this film is supposed to target families, Warner Bros took a risk by allowing Tim Burton artistic freedom; most likely meaning questionable animated gore.

A Sound of Thunder

The only reason I am pointing out A Sound of Thunder is that there are quite a few people who are excited about it. Unimpressed by the trailer, I cannot figure out why some of our readers and EW are overly excited about a film that has been on a film distributor's shelf for so long [it was filmed in 2002]. Ben Kingsley claims that the film has taken so long to get back out of the can because Peter Hyams [director] really wanted to work on the visual effects. I am still doubtful... anyone remember Pluto Nash?

Oliver Twist

After finishing the trailer for Oliver Twist I was left feeling pretty neutral on the film and I had begun to wonder what all the hype was about. But then it hit me, with EW giving confirmation that the major reason so much hype has been built behind Oliver Twist comes down to two words-- Roman Polanski [The Pianist].

Lord of War

For those of you who are worried about Jarhead serving up a little too much political commentary towards the Bush administration have no fear, as it looks like Lord of War may shift films back to bipartisan. Starring Nicolas Cage, Jared Leto and Ethan Hawke, Lord of War takes a 'truthful' look at American military's role in trafficking weapons to 'lesser-evil' dictators under presidential administrations such as Clinton's. Though this film may have a point or 'truth', the trailer makes Lord of War seem like a fun - with - guns type film; which is all right by me.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

I have only just seen the first trailer for Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and have to admit that Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer both have a charisma that compliments the other. While it was probably considered a risky move to have these two guys star in this buddy - crime - comedy, the effect may just pay off. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang comes from the mind of director Shane Black [Lethal Weapon], who has had previous experience with dark comedies.

When asked about the film, Black said the real risk for Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang comes in the storytelling.

A guy gets shot with a penis. A guy gets his balls electrically shocked... and I think it's important to fill the movie with images that don't conform to that ideal.... You know what? F*ck all that. It's just a fun private-eye story.


Though Joss Whedon's Serenity was pushed back from its original release in April to the beginning of fall to avoid serious summer competition, Universal more than made up for the move by allowing a bunch of early screenings to begin, well, on the original release date. If there is one thing we know about early screenings, it shows confidence in a film, especially since all the reviews we have received claim that Serenity is something wonderful. For Joss Whedon and crew, this is exactly the news they need to hear as they attempt to retain, and build on, as much hype as possible in order to perform well in the domestic box office. If all goes as hoped, we can probably expect a trilogy from the films, or a new beginning to the television series Firefly [same cast].

Serenity is easily our most anticipated film for September; it's just too bad that it comes out so near the end of the month that we can almost call the film an October release.

Into the Blue

Though I may sound awkward saying this, Into the Blue could just possibly be one of the few Paul Walker films that I am excited to see on opening weekend. A group of friends [Jessica Alba, Paul Walker, Scott Caan] discover billions of dollars within a small airplane that has sunk to relatively shallow depths. Though some want to continue to look for 'real' treasure, as the money in the plane is drug money, most, including the moviegoers, should call that a dumb idea and say go for the drug money. Unfortunately, there are still a bunch of bad guys who also want their money back. A little deception among friends and next thing we know we have guns blazing, sharks biting, and hostage negotiations to boot. However, the number one thrill for the film may be watching Jessica Alba appear on camera in her underwear and bikini.

According to EW, Alba had to 'audition' hundreds ob bathing suits to make sure she found the right one. It is also said that, uh, body parts were known to fall out of her chosen outfits. If the film fails at the box office, these types of scenes could just put DVD sales through the roof.

A honorable mention goes out to A History of Violence, which features an extended article in EW that talks more about Viggo Mortensen [Lord of the Rings] than the film itself.

These are just a few of the films mentioned in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Be sure to head on out and purchase the current issue, featuring Reese Witherspoon on the cover, at your local newsstands right now.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image from EW

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