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James Franco Talks Spider-Man 3

Published August 9, 2005 in Movie Talk
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Columbia Pictures
James Franco: Spider-Man 2 James Franco talks Spider-Man 3
While promoting his upcoming film, The Great Raid, James Franco has asked on repeated occasions what the deal was with Spider-Man 3. Though Franco does not have a finished script yet, he didn't mind mentioning a few things about Raimi and the film's production schedule.

Spider-Man 3 Talk

No, James Franco doesn't even try to give hints on who the next villain(s) may be, but he does assure us that, knowing Sam Raimi, we could expect that same kind of character richness that we have seen in the previous two Spider-Man films. Zap2it first caught up to James Franco in Los Angeles and, though they were supposed to be asking questions about The Great Read, couldn't help but try to get answers on questions for 2007's Spider-Man 3. Check out a snippet below:

Even if he knows -- and he seems plausibly befuddled -- Franco isn't about to share what parts Grace and Church will play, though the professed "Sideways" fan is apparently looking forward to work with the man who was once Lowell Mather (or Ned, depending on your sitcom tastes). One way or the other, Franco figures the new cast members will be pleased with how different "Spider-Man" is from other lesser genre entries.

"I think the secret to 'Spider-Man' is that the characters are so rich and one of the ways [Sam Raimi] does that is meeting with the actors and really discussing the scenes between the swinging through the buildings," he says.

Zap2it wasn't the only ones who took the opportunity to talks to James Franco about Spider-Man 3 while he was promoting The Great Raid. The good people over at BlackFilm have alerted me to a little bit they have on James Franco, and when he expects certain production aspects to begin for the film. Check out the snippet below:

Can you talk a bit about Spiderman Three? Do you start that soon?

James: Yeah, they’re gearing up. They won’t start the main shoot until January. I don’t think anybody has the script. I’ve met with Sam Raimi a couple of times to talk about it. I think there’s a little shoot. They’re going to shoot something in September. On those movies, they kind of invent a lot of new effects and new techniques so what they do is they usually shoot the scene a few months out so the effects team can start working on that and figuring out everything that they’re going to do so they’re going to shoot one or a couple of scenes in September and then everybody will meet up in January.

Spider-Man 3 slings into theatres on May 4th, 2007. I would say mark your calendars but they just don't make this year yet.

For more movie info, go to the Spider-Man 3 Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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