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Affleck Wants Jesse James

Published August 8, 2005 in Casting Update
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros
Oceans 11 Casey Affleck in Ocean's 11
Even though Colin Ferrell already did a Jesse James role in American Outlaws, expect a deeper depiction of James and his criminal gang in The Assassination of Jesse James. While American Outlaws looked at the birth of Jesse James and his gang, The Assassination of Jesse James will take a harder look at the relationship between Jesse James and Robert Ford and Ford's successful attempt at removing Jesse James permanently.

So, can we have a more debonair Jesse James than Colin Ferrell? Warner Bros answers with a 'most definitely' by picking up Brad Pitt to star.

Assassination of Jesse James

Other than Brad Pitt as Jesse James, Variety announced that Warner Bros has also already found the actor to play the role of Robert Ford-- Casey Affleck. Casey Affleck is the younger brother of Ben Affleck and has had roles in films that include Good Will Hunting, Ocean's 11 and Ocean's 12. Casey Affleck will play the character of Robert Ford as he learns that killing a famous 'outlaw' is not always the quickest way to fame. Having shot Jesse James in the back, Robert Ford experience fame similar to Jack McCall, who thought he'd become a hero for shooting Wild Bill Hickock in the back. Instead of being rewarded or respected, Robert Ford was forever known as a coward.

Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck should work well together considering that both have previous comedic experience with one another in Ocean's 11 and Ocean's 12. It has also been some time since we have had a good western, so The Assassination of Jesse James should be a welcome change.

For more info on The Assassination of Jesse James, head over to Variety.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros

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