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Chris Tucker Mentions Rush Hour 3

Published August 8, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of WireImage
Chris Tucker Chris Tucker
As some of you may know, the possibility of a Rush Hour 3 took a major hit when Brett Ratner left the project to work on X-Men 3. Actually, the biggest hit was the fact that Chris Tucker, obviously a huge element to the film, kept refusing to join back up for another round. So, since Ratner's transfer to X-Men 3, everybody has considered Rush Hour 3 a dead subject; even EW mentioned that the film was dead and that Jackie Chan was disappointed with Tucker. Well, I do not know exactly what everyone else knows, but I have recently been told two bits of information-- one from a friend and the other from Chris Tucker himself.

Chris Tucker Still Thinking Rush Hour 3

Even though I have no problem admitting that Rush Hour 2 was nowhere as good as the original, I still would love to see the two, Chan and Tucker, get together again for another go. That being said, I was shocked to hear from a source that the title Rush Hour 3 still appears on various documentation that still show a proposed production and release date. Now, not having seen any evidence of this myself, I can only call this a rumor at the moment; especially since Chan and Tucker are still bickering.

However, I went to the Improv in my hometown this weekend to check out Chris Tucker's stand - up comedy. First, the guy is incredibly funny and had no problem even discussing the recent event where he was arrested for driving too fast 'on the way to church.' Actually, I first found his excuse funny, but after hearing him talk about church on stage, I do think that it was highly probably that Tucker was actually speeding to church. Tucker also says that he didn't see the police because he points the rear - view mirror towards him so he can only see his good - looking face. I was cracking up when I heard this and he further went on to act like he was talking to himself. [the real point at hand below]

But let me get back to the subject at hand-- Rush Hour 3. Chris Tucker does mention the possibility of Rush Hour 3 at the Improv show and asks the crowd if they'd like him to do another. The crowd then cheered in applause followed by Chris Tucker stating that he is still being asked about the film and that he is still considering it. Judging by his response, I now wonder if he asks this question during every show he does, just to see what type of response from the crowd that he gets; is he testing to see if the series still has an audience? Even though the paycheck for Rush Hour 3 is high, I doubt Tucker really needs it judging by the watch he wears [BLING!] or the car he drives.

Chris Tucker quickly pulls out of the topic by throwing a few jokes at Jackie Chan, such as one where he says Jackie Chan has a section dedicated to him in Blockbuster as he makes three films a week. Is Chris Tucker really considering about coming back to re-join Chan or is he just saying that to quell disappointed fans in the audience? Hard to tell, but it looks like Chris Tucker should have a lot of time to think it over while Ratner is busy with X-Men 3.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of WireImage

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