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Another Men in Black?

Published August 4, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Columbia Tristar
Men in Black Men in Black
Even though Men in Black II was nothing near the original in, well, originality, these types of films are so much fun that a sequel does not have to count on the success of any of its predecessors. With that being said, I am not all that surprised that Walter Parkes [producer] is anxious to talk another shot at the film franchise. However, do the stars, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, want to return?

MIB Sequel Talks

While discussing hopeful sequels with Cinecon, Walter Parkes finishes by stating that he is trying to convince both Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith to return for another go at the MIB franchise. While moviegoers shouldn't mind another MIB, the biggest problem may come from the two people Parkes is trying to get. First off, MIB II was not exactly a smash hit, meaning that Parkes is bound to find increased dilemmas from the stars, as they will be returning to a franchise that is currently on the downhill. And, add the fact that Will Smith does all that he can to avoid being typecast, and you could have a real issue here.

Here is what Parkes had to say on the possibility of a MIB III:

There's been some conversations, just recently actually, because I don't think we did the best possible job on the second one. It would be great to pull the franchise back.

To check out the entire report, and more on a Gladiator and The Ring sequel, head over to Cinecon.

Personally, I think that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones would be surprised to see how many moviegoers wouldn't mind a return from the Men in Black. Cheers to that!

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Columbia Tristar

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