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New Info on Spider-Man 3 Villains

Published August 3, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Marvel
Spider-Man 3 Chameleon
Here we go again, more rumors on who the hell the villains are going to be for Spider-Man 3. As of now, we 'know' this of the Spider-Man 3 villains:

-Thomas Haden Church is most likely the Chameleon, not Sandman.
-Topher Grace is a villain, but no other villain option has been announced [only rumored]
-I really want the other villain to be Venom.

I didn't really order the info above by importance, but you get the drift. It is true that I would like to see Topher Grace play the character Brock who later becomes Venom, as he seems to have the look for it; or because I just want Venom. However, if this latest SPOILER scoop from ComicBookResources is true, then Venom is definitely out of the picture.

Topher Grace's Villain

This is one of those scoops that you wish you hadn't read. So let me tell you this before sending you over to CBR: this spoiler can possibly ruin Spider-Man 3 for you. If the spoiler is correct, then Sam Raimi is having his actors and crew keep tight lipped in order to offer up a huge twist for this Spider-Man film. Personally, I hope the scoop isn't true or, at least, that I hadn't read it.

To check out the scoop at ComicBookResources, click on the link, then head down to the section titled "Church and Grace". You will notice some invisible text that you will have to scroll over to read. Scroll over the text and get ready to possibly have your Spider-Man 3 experience spoiled.

Spider-Man 3 slings into theatres on May 4th, 2007.

For more movie info, go to the Spider-Man 3 Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Marvel

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