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Robert Rodriguez Talks Sin City 2

Published August 2, 2005 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image from Amazon
Sin City: Dame to Kill For Purchase A Dame to Kill For from Amazon
It is good to see Robert Rodriguez already hard at work for the upcoming sequel to the film Sin City even before the original comes out to DVD. With news that filming shall begin at the beginning of 2006 [or sooner], it comes as no surprise that the cast is currently being rounded up and the script is being polished.

However, while the original Sin City was based on three books from the Frank Miller series, the sequel shall spend most of its emphasis on one-- A Dame to Kill For.

Sin City 2 Updates

The good people over at IESB were able to exchange a few words with Robert Rodriguez [director] about the current developments of Sin City 2 and whom we can expect to re-show their mug for this latest adaptation. Here is a snippet from the report:

Today during the Sin City DVD junket Robert Rodriguez revealed that the basis for the sequel would be " A Dame to Kill For". For those of you who have read the book it would come as no surprise that Marv, Gail, Dwight, Shellie, Goldie and Wendy all come back for the next Sin City film plus plenty of new characters are expected in the film.

To check out the whole interview with Robert Rodriguez on Sin City 2, go to IESB.

For a brief plot summary of A Big Fat Kill, check out what was posted at Amazon:

"A Dame to Kill For," which is Book 2 in Frank Miller's "Sin City" series, is now going to be known as the only one of the first four books that was not part of the "Sin City" movie. Given the options it was a smart move because this one tells the story of what happened that made Dwight get a new mug and "The Big Fat Kill" is the better tale of the two if you are going to do one Dwight story and if you want to do a story in two parts "That Yellow Bastard" is a better choice as well.

Though we don't have a Sin City 2 Movie Page yet, check out the the trailers, movie stills, pics and synopsis for the original film at the Sin City Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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